Mideast Nukes & Illegal Government ‘Aid’

I enjoy noting the hypocrisy of our government passing Law after Law that they (of course) expect that we sheep obey without equivocation while ignoring and, indeed, violating the Laws they themselves write that crimp their style or operations, especially when their campaign contributors might be adversely effected.  The Arms Export Control Act is just such an example.  Title 22, Chapter 39, Subchapter III, Section § 2778 makes it a criminal act for: “Any person who willfully violates any provision of this section or section 2779 of this title, or any rule or regulation issued under either section” and calls for the penalty upon conviction to be “fined for each violation not more than $1,000,000 or imprisoned not more than ten years, or both.

Further, in 1976 our government amended the Foreign Appropriations Act to include the ‘Symington Amendment’.  It prohibits most U.S. foreign aid to any nation in possession of nuclear weapons technology that refuses to sign the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty or allow IAEA inspections and thus operating ‘outside international safeguards’.  What this phrase (“outside international safeguards”) means is that if said country is operating outside the Nuclear Non-proliferation Treaty.  In 1977 they went further with ‘Glenn Amendment’ which required an end to aid to countries that import reprocessing technology.  Interestingly:

1} Israel has never signed the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty (NPT) therefore they are operating “outside international safeguards

2} Former president Jimmy Carter confirmed publicly, on May 25, 2008 that Israel possessed an arsenal of hundreds of nuclear weapons.

3} In 2008 even the US Army confirmed on page 37 of a U.S. Joint Forces Command unclassified report (http:// http://www.jfcom.mil/newslink/storyarchive/2008/JOE2008.pdf) that Israel is a nuclear weapons power.  They described: “a growing arc of nuclear powers running from Israel in the west through an emerging Iran to Pakistan, India, and on to China, North Korea, and Russia in the east.”  Hmmm…

4} Declassified documents show that the US has KNOWN (http://www.archives.gov/declassification/iscap/pdf/2009-076-doc1.pdf) since 1969 the Israelis had nukes and the missiles to launch them

In addition to the facts above, in the late 80s, Mordechai Vannunu (an Israeli nuclear scientist) confirmed Israel’s nuclear weapons status as did, even more recently, former Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert.

US Law (the Arms Export Control Act and  the Foreign Appropriations Act’s lawful Amendments) REQUIRES that the United States end any foreign aid to countries (like Israel) who operate “outside international safeguards” of the Law.  There are no options, no ambiguities and no choices given in the Law; it clearly stipulates that no aid of any kind can be given to any country with nuclear weapons which is not a signatory to the NPT, and which refuses to allow IAEA inspections.  Thus, all aid given to Israel, since 1977 has been given in violation of US Law.

So what of the validity of our US Laws?  Israel HAS nukes – this we’ve known since 1969.  Their military’s own historian, Martin Levi van Creveld, has stated publicly (and quite arrogantly), that “We possess several hundred atomic warheads and rockets and can launch them at targets in all directions, perhaps even at Rome. Most European capitals are targets of our air force.”  “European capitals”…?  Really…

The heck with any ‘moral’ criteria, our Law precludes the US from providing ANY foreign aid (financial or military) to such a country who refuses to sign the NPT and allow international inspections of their nuclear facilities.  Our Law makes it a CRIMINAL ACT for: “Any person who willfully violates any provision of this section or section 2779 of this title, or any rule or regulation issued under either section” and calls for the penalty/fine “for each violation not more than $1,000,000 or imprisoned not more than ten years, or both.”  This means every Congressman or Senator who votes in support of any foreign aid to Israel is violating the Symington and Glenn Amendments under the Arms Export Control Act and  the Foreign Appropriations Act precluding aid to said countries and should, under the Law, be be prosecuted criminally, fined a million bucks and put behind bars for ten years for each vote to violate these Laws.  Would anyone guess that conviction for violating this Law would push every one of them over the threshold of “high crimes and misdemeanors” for which our Constitution requires they be impeached and expelled from public office?

The Law (the Arms Export Control Act and  the Foreign Appropriations Act) made it illegal to ‘give’ aid to Israel since 1977 yet the US Government has provided them over 100 BILLION dollars in aid (and that’s just what’s on the books) and this aid continues at a brisk rate of over 3 billion a year – each vote for further aid is a criminal act under our Law.  Additionally, US Law makes it illegal for Israel to resell US military equipment and technology, yet, according to a Congressional Research Service report, penned in 2008, it seems Israel’s been caught selling our strategic technology (AWACs), Patriot missile technology, air-to-air missile technology, attempting to upgrade the Chinese Harpy Killer drone aircraft and providing the Chines with their F10 fighter (an F16 knockoff that cost taxpayers 1.5 billion dollars).  They have even attempted to upgrade Venezuela’s fighter aircraft capabilities.  Back in 1986 it was estimated Israel was averaging 500 million dollars per year in arms sales to Iran alone.

Maybe it’s just me but my questions are:

1} Why do the Laws of the United States only seem to apply to Citizens and not to our government’s actions or activities?

2} Why do we accept that the government can/does break the Law with impunity and that results in no consequences for them?

3} Why are Congressional members not prosecuted under our existing Laws for illegally providing aid, in violation of said Laws or, at least, impeached for violating their solemn Oath to uphold and bear true faith to our Constitution & Laws of this country?

4} Why is the President, who signs these bills providing aid, illegally & in violation of our Laws not prosecuted or, at least, impeached for violating his solemn Oath to uphold the Constitution & Laws of this country?

5} Why are US Citizens expected to pay (through taxes) for foreign aid (100 billion & counting) illegally doled out in clear violation of US Law?

6} When (if ever) are we going to smarten the hell up?

Our government claims the aid is to “defend” Israel from her hostile neighbors, yet Israel’s own military historian van Creveld, not only admits they have nukes but states (threatens?) openly: “We have hundreds of nuclear warheads and missiles that can reach different targets in the heart of the European continent, including beyond the borders of Rome,

Does this sound like a country who can’t stand on their own without your tax dollars and our latest weapons systems being illegally transferred to them in violation of our Laws?  Who (besides Israel) would presume to get away with making overt nuclear threats against European capitals?  Many of our forefathers came from Europe and some of us still have family and friends there.  Europe is the heart of NATO yet Israel’s public statements threaten our allies’ capitals with atomic weapons while our Congress and Senate commit overt crimes in order to continue to give them illegal financial support and the very weapons they would use to attack our real allies.

Would someone please explain to me ‘why’ our federal ‘leadership’ shouldn’t be indicted and thrown in prison for these blatant and open criminal acts?  While you’re at it, would someone tell me if Israel sounds like a country we ‘should’ be giving billions of dollars in aid, loan guarantees and high tech armaments to, year in and year out?  Are we, the United States, defending them or are we afraid of them?

You tell me.

“To learn who rules over you, simply find out who you are not allowed to criticize.”

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