Fukushima & Ex-Rad™

Everyone knows of the disaster in Japan relating to their nuclear plants.  Depending upon folk’s ability to pay attention or actually look into the facts of the situation, people either think a bunch of radiation was sent up which is slightly higher than the regular background radiation or that a far more life threatening event is still unfolding.  Let’s make believe the readers are actually able to ‘think’ for themselves and ‘discern’ from the packaged propaganda offered by the main stream media that there’s a serious event (still) taking place in Japan and, as a result of the wind, that the United States is now and for the foreseeable future, on the receiving end of Japan’s significant nuclear fallout.

The question that comes to mind is why isn’t anyone (in the elite strata of our country) seemingly concerned?  Why is our government not huddled in conference rooms trying to think up solutions?  Regardless of their loyalty to their corporate sponsors in the nuclear industry (versus the People of this nation) why are they willing to, themselves, breath this radiation, eat the food contaminated with this radiation and have their children exposed to these levels of radiation which everyone should know, will lead to cancer and death?  After all, payoffs, campaign contributions and ‘power’ are only valuable if you’re alive and breathing in order to enjoy them.

Quite simply really, it’s because they don’t ‘have’ to worry.

Ex-RAD® – Ex-Rad™

While Phase 1 clinical trials began in 2008, by June, 2009 Congress funded enhanced studies to take place to ‘develop’ the drug, code named by the Department of Defense ON 01210.Na, known as Ex-Rad (Contract Award Number HU0001-09-C-0007) stating “The Ex-RADTM radiation protection program is being funded as a Congressional special interest item and is based on the demonstrated ability that the compound has been among the most promising compounds for eventual use as a radioprotectant. ”  The firm developing it is Onconova Therapeutics (affiliated through Onconova Chairman Michael Hoffman with the Carlyle Group) under the direction of the Department of Defense.  It is, quite simply, a potent radiation protection agent that actually ‘repairs’ DNA damage occurring through lethal dosages of radiation.

In April of 2011, Scientific American (http://www.scientificamerican.com/article.cfm?id=radioactive-omission-where) published a piece stating:  “In what has to be one of the greatest accomplishments in the history of military medicine, the U. S. military has developed a radiation protection drug known as Ex-Rad that can give protection through DNA repair against otherwise lethal dosages of radiation. Ex-Rad, which is administered as an injection or orally, can be given either before or after exposure. While Ex-Rad officials are continuing to work with the FDA, it has successfully cleared two clinical studies showing it is safe.

So, while Chernobyl went up in one explosion, Fukushima is still boiling its radionuclides all over Japan (“radiation levels almost 90 times Chernobyl evacuation limits found in unevacuated Fukushima school zone at a level so high it is lethal to 100% of the population within 15 years”) and the cores haven’t yet hit the water table.  As such, Fukushima is far worse than Chernobyl.  Tokyo may need to be evacuated.  Japan and the rest of the world downwind (us) have already been hit with 29 times the atomic bombing of Hiroshima according to Japan’s top specialist.  Veterans Today went so far as to publish that what’s happening right now in Japan is equivalent to “two thousand (2,000) 500 Kiloton Atomic Bombs” and yet, we witness an incredibly (and implausibly) quiet Congress, Senate & President.

While Japan, the United States and other countries quietly ‘up’ the published “safe” radiation exposure levels, our government refuses release information on our on-going exposure.  Not surprisingly, infant mortality in US Northwest has risen to 35%, our media remains quiet on the crisis, the internet is regularly ‘scrubbed’ of independent reporting on the subject and no one even tells the American population to stay out of the rain which is when the worst exposure is happening downwind.  What coverage of the ‘event’ is released by the government’s media is intended to effectively confuse everyone with constantly changing measurement ‘terms’ such as millirems, milisieverts, microsieverts and becquerels rather than just saying here are the “RAD” levels which some, at least, understand.  Rather than actually ‘warning’ someone by saying “Danger, Danger – Will Robinson!” they relate “опасност!” (in Macedonian), “gefahr!” (German), “bahaya!” (Indonesian) or “געפאַר!” (in Yiddish) to the American public in the calmest voice they can muster so as not to upset the sheep.  The result is a bunch of folks scratching their heads thinking (if they think at all) everything is just swell while the people in-the-know can later claim “we told you so” (quite clearly in Macedonian).

So, in 2009 Congress recognizes that this drug is out there and declares it a “Congressional special interest item” throwing a bag of taxpayer money at its development.  Onconova Therapeutics alleges (still) that they will “be able to file for agency approval for Ex-RAD in 2013 at the earliest” which seems a mighty long time considering since the 11th of March 2011 all hell broke loose in Fukushima and the catastrophe is on-going and worsening.  Especially since, when the government ‘wants to’, we all know it can work pretty darn fast getting things approved and cutting through the bureaucratic red tape, an example of which would be the case of ‘Norvir’, an HIV drug, the FDA reviewed the data and approved the drug in 72 days which, in 1997, was a record setting event.

Under the circumstances, I find it very, very interesting that on a recent visit to the VA for her annual checkup, a friend of mine was asked to fill out an ‘expanded’ questioner asking if the patient had, in the last year, experienced a host of symptoms not included in last year’s questioner.  Interestingly, these symptoms were all ones that would manifest themselves were the patient exposed to radiation and poisoned therefrom.  Her VA doctor was specifically asked about the availability of the drug known as “Ex-Rad”.  He looked and, while it was in the VA physician’s computerized desk reference and had an active inventory item number assigned, it was flagged as being (strangely) “unavailable”.  Another well connected military source with access to the right sources was asked what he might find out about the availability of Ex-Rad through US Army sources.  He came back in 24 hours saying his sources “went quite” as soon as he asked and he was told he might want to drop the inquiry.  Hmmm…

While no one above a civilian GS16 pay grade (military General officer & above) seems to be talking, it’s my guess that perhaps Ex-Rad’s not “unavailable” to the ‘right’ people.  Given Fukushima’s current radiation levels and, as soon as the cores reach ground water, exposure levels will likely surpass a full scale nuclear exchange envisioned in a worst case WW3 scenario, this is damned convenient if you’re a member of the ‘in-crowd’, the Counsel on Foreign Relations or a member of government at a level where you (and your family) might qualify for Ex-Rad.  Perhaps all those studies one hears snippets of on the web wherein the CFR and their subsidiary organizations speak of the unsustainablity of 7 billion people on the planet (useless ‘eaters’ I think they’ve called us), that resources like oil having “peaked” and their fear that the open communications media (internet) and social networks are making ‘governance’ of the more connected and informed sheep herd ever more difficult and problematic, might have something to do with Fukushima getting little coverage in the mainstream press and the ‘unavailability’ of the “special interest item” your government spent your money on in 2009 to get access to.

I wonder…

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5 Responses to Fukushima & Ex-Rad™

  1. Mark Foreman says:

    Are you sure that the level of radiation at the school is high ? To induce radiation sickness you need a large dose of at least about 2 Gy delivered over a short time (a few days). If you deliver large doses over a long time (years) then the clinical effects are very different (and less bad in many ways). In the UK one radiographic worker clocked up a staggering 10 Gy dose over his working life. He did not exhibit the acute radiation syndrome (technical term for radiation sickness).

    By fractionation of the radiation dose into many small doses which are delivered over many days then the ability of the radiation to kill is greatly reduced.

    • mildlypissed says:

      Would you willingly expose your child to this ‘level’ of radiation? Would you willingly expose your child to any radiation?

      The levels noted are temporary. They’re getting worse daily. When this started the levels were well below the fiasco at Chernobyl – now they’re much worse. Once Japan starts burning all the debris from the effected area and the cores hit ground water, you won’t have to live in Tokyo to wonder if your investments will carry you through ‘retirement’. Perhaps a look at the statistical increases in cancers and other illnesses from before Chernobyl and the Gulf wars (depleted uranium) to now would benefit.

      Anyway, thanx for the comment & best of luck.

  2. Mark Foreman says:

    So what level of radiation have you heard about at the school.

    I very much doubt if the radiation levels in Japan are going up, if anything they are likely to have gone down since march as many of the short lived isotopes will have decayed away by now. The iodine-131 is public enemy number one, by now it will have almost totally decayed away.

    I can tell you that it is impossible to make sure a child or yourself gets a zero radiation dose. All humans contain potassium (K-40) and are subject to cosmic rays, radioactivity in food (such as C-14) and radiation from rocks / soil.

  3. lcj kredyt says:

    Hii all. I agree with you – 100% +. Thank you for the information. Mike.

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