Bashar al-Assad (the ‘evil dictator’) & Syria

I’m pondering for a moment that evil dictator of Syria that we’re hearing so much about these days.  Our media/government loves to tell us how this guy (like all the other evil dictators) is so detached from his people that he must cling to power through only the most brutal means.  Clearly (since we’ve heard this again and again about every guy our government wants to remove from power) there must be a mold they press dictators from or a school teaching ‘dictator tactics 101’ where all these evil bad guys come from.

“Here’s what I’m talking about.”

Thankfully for our goverment, the mainstream media avoids any serious interviews with this guy lest the American public begin to question the ‘spin’ we’re provided, justifying yet another war front being opened in the middle east, because Assad’s both soft spoken and fluent in both English and French.  Unlike the media’s interviews with Iran’s Ahmadinejad who speaks Farsi (about as common in the US as folks speaking Navajo) wherein the media gets to provide ‘translations’ of what he says in response to their questions and misquotes and mis-translates Ahmadinejad at will, giving the public the impression he’s a nut, Assad, when interviewed, comes across as mild mannered, articulate and quite a civilized ‘regular’ guy.

Doing a bit of searching around, what do we really ‘know’ about this spawn of evil?  Did he spring, as is often the case, from the corrupt ranks of the military where he bayonetted babies, burned villages and committed war crimes before ruthlessly seizing power  in a bloody coup?  Well, not exactly.

Born in 1965, he’s 47 years old; he’s been married since 2000 (to a British born wife) and has three children.  (sounds like an evil dictator so far)  In 1988 he graduated from the University of Damascus medical school and worked at the Tishrin military hospital outside Damascus. (yup, sounds like the resume of an bloodthirsty tyrant)  A few years later he did his postgraduate studies at the Western Eye Hospital, in London (a hotbed of nefarious study, no doubt), specializing in ophthalmology.  (an ophthalmologist is a specialist in medical and surgical eye problems so our dictator was an eye surgeon which sounds pretty freaking ‘evil’ to me – how about you?)  In 1998 he returned to Syria and entered the military academy and after his tour became President.  In a piece dated July 2012, speaking of President Assad and his family, by Nick Meo of the UK’s Telegraph: “The Assads would drive around Damascus, with Asma [the first lady] at the wheel of an SUV – Vogue describes how she drove Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt around the city. Sometimes they would be seen walking around, even startling audiences at theaters by sitting among them. It was exciting for Syrians who had been used to the president’s father.  It was how they tried to live and maintain a fairly normal family life. This image was embellished in Syria, and it endeared them to many Syrians for years, but it was based on truth.”  Additionally, he apparently never got the memo on ‘detaching himself from the people to be a good dictator’ since his kids still attend public schools in Damascus unlike almost every other ‘leader’ in the world (including our US leadership) who’s children go to private schools or tutors to keep their children from interacting with those their parents ‘rule’.

The megalomaniac fascist tyrant…?

So, he starts out in life as a practicing eye surgeon/PhD working in a veteran’s hospital, subsequently joins/serves in the army and then, finds himself President of Syria – so far, based on the resume I found, I find the western media/government ‘spin’ about him being the war-crime committing, evil, bloodthirsty despot ordering the arrest, torture and murder of countless tens of thousands just slightly incongruous.  My opinion, of course…

Looks more like my neighbors down the street than the spawn of the devil…

Great anxiety…”  What about those brave & stalwart patriots trying to overthrow the evil dictator in order to bring “freedom” and “democracy” to the Syrian people?  Our mainstream news wrings their hands (as does our government over the “humanitarian crisis” that our evil despot is formenting upon the poor people of Syria as is evidenced by CNN’s statement November 2012“There is also great anxiety about a rapidly worsening humanitarian crisis, with food and fuel shortages compounded by colder weather and inadequate access to those most in need.

What’s interesting is the same media that runs its gums about Assad ‘the Dictator’ have openly ADMITTED that the folks fighting him and killing Syrians are foreign mercenaries being paid for by Saudi Arabia, Qatar, the US, Britain & France.  They are foreign fighters – mostly al-Qaeda and quite a few from The Muslim Brotherhood – both, apparently, religious based terrorist groups.  Interestingly, the Muslim Brotherhood are the same guys who Assad’s old man had to fight when he changed Syria’s Constitution to guarantee equal rights for women and to enable non-Muslims to become president of the country; the latter change was reverted under pressure from the Muslim Brotherhood.

After more than a decade of the US fighting al-Qaeda and every other boogieman they could point at as an excuse to bomb the bejesus out of the women & children of middle eastern and African countries, where we were told these whackjobs “hate us for our freedoms”, we’ve not only unleashed these twits on Syria, but are giving them small arms, mortars, Stingers, actionable intelligence and PAYING them to to overthrow Syria who’s First Family appears to be headed by a mild mannered former ophthalmologist (eye surgeon) and who’s wife is a 36 year old British citizen and former investment banker.

So, Assad is causing the “humanitarian crisis” in this country and the the US government is expecting that al-Qaeda and the Muslim Brotherhood (freedom lovers all) will bring ( “freedom” and “democracy”), peace, justice, women’s rights & equality under the law after the evil President Assad and his family has been liquidated (like the communists did to the Tsar and his family in 1918 – how did that turn out for the Russian people by the way?).  I’m sure they will handle the Assads like they handled the American (remember him?) they got their hands on in Iraq.

Yup.  As always, it certainly appears our government is on the right side of this fight.

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