Boston Bombing of the Marathon

There are still many unanswered questions” – Obama…

Clearly, the Boston bombing of its Marathon was horrifying and one can’t even begin to fathom what the families are or will go through in their effort to get beyond this.  I believe, regardless of anyone’s place of origin, that damn near everyone feels the sense of loss a sympathy for the victims, their families and the Boston community over this kind of event which transcends politics and any other consideration.

As with many events in history, trying to make sense out of what happened based upon government pronouncements or what’s been reported by their media poses some challenges as well as rather odd questions to the objective observer as events unfold.  There exists, certainly, a single mindedness with which the government and media exploit these acts of violence and as the ‘story’ unfolds, the ‘bandwagon’ is being built by the powers that be to make sure that the public jumps on it as soon as they (seemingly) get their facts straight.  The end result of the ‘story’ or ‘official narrative’ will, undoubtably be an increase in power to government, police, federal agencies and the subsequent handover of what little remains (in the eyes of the government) of our liberties so they can hunt down future evil doers.

Obama was quoted as saying “There are still many unanswered questions,” and, indeed there are.  The questions seem to increase exponentially as the ‘official narrative’ takes shape.  As folks pose more observations, questions or point out more odd and uncomfortable inconsistencies in the ‘story’ that unfolds, some folks are content to roll their eyes and start mumbling a dismissal of everything as being a “conspiracy theory”.  That said, sometimes it’s it’s a question of simple ‘observation’ that begins the process of asking one’s self if you’re getting all the facts in a simple news story.

A good place to start might be the announcement of there being a “drill” that was to take place.  Bomb sniffing dogs and rooftop surveillance were pointed out by race participants including University of Mobile’s Cross Country Coach Ali Stevenson who related “It seemed like there was some sort of threat, but they kept telling us it was just a drill” BUT the police assured folks present not to be concerned by “the exercise” taking place.  Regardless of the reassurances, folks were concerned.  Indeed, the Boston Globe tweeted that indeed, the “Police will have a controlled explosion on 600 block Boylston Street.”  While one might think that a “drill” involving a “controlled explosion” on Boylston Street during a very public marathon would be less than prudent, we should all be assured that the authorities always know what they’re doing…


So, where on Boylston might the public expect a “controlled explosion”?  Why, across from the Library…


Here’s the Boston Public Library on Boylston Street:


and across the street from the BPL we have 673 Boylston Street…


At 2:49PM, 15 April what was supposed to be a drill, inexplicably became reality… Damned odd (and unforeseen) I’m sure.


I would take a moment from our exciting and scary tale to observe that  people seem to have no memory that they can access in order to ‘think’ and/or collate data when world shaking event take place.  They simply seem to take whatever data they are given (that day/week) to analyse an event rather than placing facts within any ‘context’ which might actually make a ‘thinking person’ suspicious of what they are being told.

Is there anything even remotely ‘suspicious’ about the watershed terror attacks (like Boston) that might be a common theme and warrant folks actually ‘thinking’ about what’s happening? “Suspicious”, an adjective, is defined as 1. exciting or liable to excite suspicion; questionable 2. disposed to suspect something wrong 3. indicative or expressive of suspicion.  In the instant case I find it interesting (and slightly “suspicious”) to note that, as stated above, the Boston PD were running “a drill” regarding bombs at the finish line before this event took place.  Just a few months ago the police and Homeland Security were running a “active shooter drill” at a neighboring school when the event actually took place in Newtown Connecticut.  Prior to that, in London, on 7/7, it was admitted that there was the “drill” – revolving around bombers taking out the London subway and surface busses – that was being run just as the bombs went off. Finally, let’s not forget that on 9/11 our military was running “drill” gaming a scenario where hi-jacked planes were flown into buildings which drew our fighters off from what was (actually) happening in NY/DC.

 Now a thinking person may, at this point, be inclined to quote Ian Fleming’s Goldfinger “Once is happenstance. Twice is coincidence. The third time it’s enemy action.” Clearly, ‘coincidence’ is an interesting facet of all these events and to paraphrase Oscar Wilde’s comment in his 1889 essay The Decay of Lying: ‘life imitates art’ I might be so bold as to observe that, given the aforementioned terror events, life imitates “drills”.

Leaving that minor issue/coincidence aside, the “official narrative” goes (thus far) that two Chechnyan brothers were identified in surveillance footage as the individuals who carried backpacks into the crowd and set them to explode. Below are a couple of still images of the brothers. The kid (in custody – alive, for now) wearing the white hat and the dead older brother with the black cap.

1 brothers 2 brothers

Since in US criminal law has histically established that ‘means, motive, and opportunity’ were the popular cultural summation of the three aspects of a crime that must be established before guilt can be assigned, my first reaction (as I’m sure many folks might ponder as well) is where’s the motivation to bomb the Marathon and specifically, the United States? Are we really expected to believe that the simple fact that these Chechnyans were ‘muslims’ , to whatever limited degree, is sufficient to toss these guys into the al-Qaeda (anti-US/western) extremist camp? That’s about as naive as the 1960’s belief that ‘communism’ was “monolithic”, that all jews are zionists or that all yankees are liberals. Chechnyans have, indeed, had a long standing argument with Russia and her tactics in putting down the nationalist aspirations of the indigenous people however, the United States has been vocal (since Clinton) in its condemnation of Russian tactics and, indeed, supportive (for years) of Chechnyan goals.  Hell, since the 1990s the US has been arming Chechnyans as well as anyone else in central asia who opposed Russia so the obvious question becomes, why, on earth, would a Chechnyan nationalist or muslim choose to effect an attack against the one world ‘player’ who has consistently attempted to shame their oppressors into stopping its attacks on their nation and supplied their cause material and financial support?  Seems pretty damn self-defeating to me.  How about you?

Moving on… 

The “official narrative” goes on to say these two were on the run since the bombing trying to avoid capture.  Is it a “conspiracy theory” to ask how/why the younger Tsarnaev had time, while ‘on-the-lam’, to be tweeting a dozen times such as (“Ain’t no love in the heart of the city,” a line from rapper Jay-Z. adding, ‘stay safe people. “) while dodging thousands of cops,  military troops, the FBI and every other alphabet-soup-group you might shake a stick at? Is it a “conspiracy theory” to ask how this college kid and his brother were hiding out from the largest manhunt in history while, according to a Dartmouth school official (who described him as a good and typical student), he was working out in the gym on campus, then sleeping in his dorm room Wednesday night according to campus security card swipes?  Indeed, Zach Bettencourt, a U-Mass Dartmouth student (who described Tsarnaev, as a nice guy) said he talked about the bombing with Tsarnaev for several minutes Tuesday while they were working out at the gym. Tsarnaev seemed normal, perhaps a little tired.  Another fellow Dartmouth student said she saw Tsarnaev at a party on Wednesday night, attended by some of his soccer friends and that “He was just relaxed,” she said. Damned strange – if, while ‘on-the-lam’, the kid’s working out in the campus gym and then partying with his friends.  Where was the brother by the way?  

The “narrative” continues… (according to The Associated Press) the Chechnyans were caught on tape at 10:20 p.m. Thursday, when they robbed a 7-Eleven store in Cambridge and minutes later (police said) the men shot and killed Collier (MIT cop) in his car as he responded to the robbery call. Unfortunately, we now know that’s not true since, by late Friday, the Middlesex District Attorney’s office backtracked on the allegation, saying an investigation determined that the robbery at a 7-Eleven was unrelated. Yet the media/police story is that after robbing the store and killing the cop “the brothers” carjacked a Mercedes, told the owner they were the “Boston bombers” and “just killed a cop” and subsequently got in a firefight & bomb throwing adventure with authorities while trying to flee the robbery/cop killing which resulted in the older brother dead.  Oops, (now) the brothers DIDN’T rob the store.  Were they (miraculously) standing outside the 7-Eleven as the robbery was going down in order to intercept and kill the MIT cop when he showed up to respond to the robbery or did the robbers kill the cop as they exited?  So who were the carjacking robbers, escaping the scene who claimed they were “Boston bombers” and just killed a cop?  Just who was killed in the big firefight & bomb throwing adventure with the cops when the aforementioned car-jacking ended and who fled that scene? 

The “official narrative” says that after the chase (of the 7-Eleven, cop killing) fleeing suspects, who threw explosive “devices” out the car windows while firing at the pursuing police, the brothers were stopped whereupon the elder brother “charged” the police on foot, went down in a hail of gunfire, whereupon the younger brother drove over his older brother with the car-jacked Mercedes (still works apparently in spite of being used as a shield in a massive firefight – a testament to German engineering without doubt) and (once again) got away.  Now, if the brother is dead, who’s the naked guy, identified by the Chenyan’s own aunt as being the older brother?  The FBI should produce this character to put to bed a whole bunch of speculation not to mention give him access to the horde of Boston attorneys who would love to sue the authorities for strip searching him (someone unconnected to the bombing) in the street and prancing this guy around naked in front of media cameras.  If they don’t produce him, then clearly, one might tend believe the guy’s aunt and conclude the government assassinated him, post capture.

Finally, we get to the concluding scene of the “official narrative”.  The younger brother hides himself in a boat in the backyard of a greater Boston neighborhood.  The authorities hunt him down and swoop in.  They order him out, he fires on them, they throw in flashbangs, he fires some more and they open up on the boat.  He attempts suicide by shooting himself in the throat but is captured by the brave police and alphabet-soup-groups.  

All this sounds like a re-make of James Cagney’s ‘White Heat’ where he shouts to the hundreds of cops below “Come and get me coppers!” which, in fact, was a re-write of the final moments of 1931 incident which became known as the Siege of 90th Street, involving Francis “Two-Gun” Crowley wherein hundreds of cops, dozens of machine guns, tear gas, grenades and a teenage killer, who was consumed by intense hatred, effected his ‘wild west’ shootout in front of 15,000 spectators watching the clash in which hundreds of bullets were fired into a fifth floor apartment while the barricaded suspect screamed out an open window: “You’ll never take me alive coppers! Come and get me!”  Problem is, none of that is true.  Unlike “Two-Gun Crowley” (or James Cagney) young Tsarnaev had no weapons and photographic evidence shows he climbed (uninjured) out of the boat when ordered…

climbing from boat

…after which he went down in a hail of police and alphabet-soup-groups gunfire.  As such, he did NOT shoot himself in an attempt at suicide but, that concludes the saga of the Boston Bombers and any divergence from that narrative or viewing of other photos is not authorized by the government or its media.

Of course, there is that minor question of just what the heck Craft ( was doing at the finish line that day.  At this point neither the Marathon operators, Boston PD, FBI or any other alphabet-soup-group is admitting they hired them or what they were doing there.  One might also ask what all those Craft guys were doing with black backpacks on that had the unique white identifying patch on the top.  Perhaps, after the event, they were all meeting up on The Common for a picnic and all brought their lunches.

craft guys 1 One might note that the white rectangle on the Craft backpack looks damn similar to that on the packs identified by the FBI as the packs within which the explosive devices were carried to the Marathon:

Backpack with white rectangle

One might notice that Tsarnaev’s pack had no unique white rectangle stitched to the top while the Craft packs did…

Craftpack 3

So, while it’s not appropriate to review any unauthorized photos which “might hamper the investigation” one might still want to ask the Craft guy how he lost his backpack and whether he’s checked with the ‘lost and found’ yet. 


Other photos should not be deemed credible and they unnecessarily divert the public’s attention in the wrong direction and create undo work for vital law enforcement resources.” – Special Agent Rick DesLauriers, the head of the FBI’s Boston office  So, since they released the photo of the bomber’s backpack shouldn’t it be deemed “credible”?  If you were a juror would there be any ‘reasonable doubt’ floating around in your head?  Never mind…

They may yet find that Tsarnaevs are, in fact not the guys they had been talking to for years (grooming/recruiting according to the Israeli intelligence website DEBKA) that, indeed, their identity was stolen by members of the Teaparty/Occupy Wall Street faction of the NRA’s Life Members who happens to be Iranian fundamental Christians, traveling under Syrian passports who reside in Texas. That should just about cover all angles needed for the government to go after everyone they want/intended to go after with the Patriot/NDAA and our military who will take their marching orders from the Department of ‘Homeland’ Security who seem to take their’s from Mossad.  They can kick the Second Amendment to the curb once and for all, seize all the guns (where Boston demonstrated the sheeple will allow door to door sweeps to occur) and bomb Iran, Syria and Texas back to the stone age.

Clearly, life in Amerika appears to have become an exercise in cognitive dissonance wherein people have a motivational drive to reduce dissonance by altering existing cognitions (such as the oddities articulated above) so they can maintain a consistent belief system (land of the free) and keep up the illusion that everything will be ‘okay’.

Remember, when they come for your neighbors, stand in the street, while the media films, wave your little American flags and chant “USA, USA, USA…” because we fucking rule!

end image

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2 Responses to Boston Bombing of the Marathon

  1. J Judd says:

    Great job on this… I’m not saying I’m a believer in Kraft complicity, but you make a hell of a case.

  2. J Judd says:

    Did you note that he was wearing a “Punisher” hat?

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