Israeli Proportional Response or Genocide?

I note that once again (ho-hum…) the Israelis are bombing the snot out of the occupied territories and leveling Palestinian ghettos back to the stone age.  Those folks are, once again, “defending themselves” from the Palestinians who (apparently and unreasonably) refuse to die of natual causes in sufficient numbers to open up land to Israeli settlers fast enough.  The other day they were shelling hospitals and the Gaza police headquarters.  Indeed, since July 7, 2014, in the first week alone, Israel dropped over 400 tons of bombs, killing over 130 Palestinians. Most were civilians, about half of them were women and children.

The common reasoning for these attacks are Palestinian missiles.  Below are photos of the much lamented “terrorist missiles” that “rain down on Israel”.  Most of these are home-made and little more than what we, Americans, would call glorified bottle rockets.  From the size of these things it’s clear they hold an explosive payload not much larger than a US MKII fragmentation hand grenade.  

Hamas missiles1Missile

Indeed, American civilians play with larger rockets over here.

model rocket 2model rocket 1mode; rocket 4But they say these “terrorist missiles” that “rain down on Israel” require Israel to protect itself!  For reference, I’ve attached a few photos of the results of these oversized bottle rockets for your consideration.  The one below blackened a highway.  (Oh, my!)  Just imagine having to sweep that debris away.  

rocket damage 2Gee, the one below actually made a hole in the ground which will take the public works department over an hour to fix!
rocket damage 4

Then there’s this one that damaged a roof and some book shelves.An ultra-Orthodox Jewish man looks at the damage in a synagogue caused by a rocket fired from Gaza to the Israeli city of Ashdod

Here’s another hole in the ground.  (Damn-it, you could blindly walk into this and break your ankle!)rocket strike

Notice, however, that this (like most) fell in the middle of nowhere which reflects the minor problem with these home made bottle rockets.  No guidance system = no effectiveness as a military weapon, not to mention the aforementioned explosive payload no bigger than a pipe bomb.  They are little more than nuisance attacks.  Little wonder that according to the jewish site that documents these things:  from 2001 to July 15th 2014  the death toll of Israelis from all rocket and mortar attacks originating from Gaza totaled 28.   Heck, the Israelis killed more people just hitting the Gaza police headquarters.

Now let’s contrast the Israeli response along with their much stated official ‘public’ policy that “We don’t target civilians“.

Israeli Strike 2

Can’t imagine any “civilians” getting hurt in that blast.Israeli Strike 1

Nope – no “civilians there , either.jx53d933b2

What “civilians”?

Keep in mind that the Palestinians weren’t the one’s who ‘started’ this latest adventure in July of 2014.  The Israelis did, after which the rockets (such that they are) started launching from Gaza.  The Israelis are intentionally targeting municipal water systems, sewerage facilities, hospitals, retirement homes, government buildings, police stations AND “civilians” such as yesterday (16 July), where their naval batteries targeted (murdered) four children playing soccer on the beach within a hundred yards of a nearby hotel where dozens of foreign journalists were staying.  A witness stated It looked as if the shells were chasing them” as they ran from the barrage.

So, is this a “proportional” response?  Are these examples of Israel’s “precision attacks” ?  Given the urban landscape in the foreground of the photo below, does this look remotely like “precision” to you?  Frankly, it looks like a battlefield nuclear munition going off more than anything else.

Israeli Strike 4

Any wonder that from 1967 to 2010 there were 24,145 Palestinian homes demolished by Israel while in the same time frame there were zero Israeli homes demolished by the Palestinians? 


A member of Naftali Bennett’s Jewish Home party (Israel’s Economics Minister), named Ayelet Shaked, posted on Facebook her/their view of how Israel should deal with the Palestinians:


So, the question is why do we support blatant and obvious genocide committed by our “ally” while Article 33 of the Fourth Geneva Convention is clear that “collective punishment” against civilians is a “war crime”?  An ‘ally’ who openly flaunts their aggression with remarks like “We can take the middle east with us whenever we go.” and “Arabs may have the oil, but we have the matches.” (Ariel Sharon when Defense Minister)  Interestingly, for an “ally”, the Israeli soldier has been uniquely absent from ANY opportunity to stand shoulder-to-should with any US serviceman on any battlefield since Israel’s formation in 1947.  In 67 years – not Korea, not Vietnam, not Iraq or Afghanistan nor any other conflict where a US Marine or Army serviceman has been in harm’s way, have they ever showed up.  More interesting still, this “ally” did have their Mossad operatives in New York on 9-11.  Not to warn us of the pending attack mind you, but, after dancing in the street, holding up cigarette lighters in celebration and filming the attack as it unfolded, subsequently being arrested (and released), they stated on Israeli television that we were there to document the attack.”  The same “ally” who’s leader, Benjamin Netanyahu, commented to Jonathan Pollard (convicted traitor and spy) on exiting Pollard’s jail cell that “Once we squeeze all we can out of the United States, it can dry up and blow away.” Thanks assholes.  An “ally” like you I’m quite sure we can do without.

Call me silly but I don’t think we should be supporting these savages.

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