Illegal Immigration – the solution…

I’ve scribbled a few lines on illegal immigration before.  In this piece ( I summed up, what I considered to be, the salient issue – that Federal Law, 8 USC 1324 (a)(1)(A)(iv)(b)(iii) applies to any/all persons (including government officials) when it warns these people that anyone aiding the illegals “commits a federal felony when she or he: assists an illegal alien she/he should reasonably know is illegally in the U.S.”  Since the United States no longer gives a flying rat’s ass about the law, I’ve moved on.  Today’s diatribe was prompted by a conversation with my (rather liberal:-) brother-in-law who, was commenting on our little border problem with Mexico (August 2014), describing it as an “immigration problem“.  I tried to explain that the term ‘immigration’ exists within the context of  a framework of legal limits and accepted criteria for those considered to be immigrating.  When, on the other hand, legal and accepted criteria for relocating large numbers of people into a foreign country are throw out the window, one no longer has “immigration” rather, one has an invasion. 

Frustrated, to make my point, I provided Wikipedia’s description of the word ‘invasion’ as when people “aggressively enter territory controlled by another … generally with the objective of either conquering, liberating or re-establishing control or authority over a territory, forcing the partition of a country, altering the established government or gaining concessions from said government, or a combination thereof.”  This swayed him not and the brother-in-law insisted that folks (like me, I guess) should be more “Christian” in crafting a solution.

La Raza asshole

Simply put, he believes all these folks have a right to come here to work and live, due to the unfortunate circumstances where they come from.  The recent influx of thousands across our border  is being touted (by some) as a “humanitarian crisis” and “refugee problem” and our own ‘Presidente’ and his talking heads are all clamoring that “something needs to be done” as if this is some big surprise.  The current ‘problem’, of course, is not a bunch of poor abandoned children walking aimlessly across the border, all by themselves, after a 1300 mile trek through Central America and Mexico.  The US government was advertising 8 months ago for (U.S.) people to ‘house’ (for a fee) 60,000 “undocumented” children so they knew these people were coming after they made their public statements kicking off this latest flood.

Leaving all the conspiracy theories aside for a few moments as to a plot to change the demographics of the United States, expanding the rolls of Democratic (welfare) voting base and generally screwing our nation and people, there’s still the flood of unwanted (by most) spanish folks pouring in from Mexico because the Mexican government hasn’t provided opportunity for those folks.  Mexico has clearly failed to provide any modicum of a viable standard of living to its people and since, (Wikipedia) “Mexico’s own government estimates that 33% of Mexico’s population (122.33 million (2013)) lives on moderate poverty and 9% lives on extreme poverty,[3] which leds to a 42% of Mexico’s total population living below the national poverty line” and this portion (51+ million) of their population seems hell bent on migration into the United States.

Even before the Spanish arrival in 1519, since the days of Aztecs, Mexico had been run (governed) by nitwits and incompetents who have oppressed the people in favor of the elites and nothing (honestly) has changed down there in 495 years.  Just reviewing the 1800s to the end of the 20th century, presidential administrations came and went, the forms of government have been described as authoritarian, semi-democracy, centralized government, untouchable presidencies, mass-controlling, corporatist and elite-controlled.  Quite simply, Mexico is, by anyone’s standard, a failed state where they haven’t gotten it right in hundreds of years and, based on this track record, it’s safe to say they’re not likely to any time soon.  Hell, Mexico isn’t just a “failed state” by normal political standards, it’s even failed as a narco-state in that they’ve failed to keep their criminal element employed such that over 70,000 under-employed members of the MS13 gang have had to flee to America to seek fruitful employment by displacing our own citizens from their lives of crime.


I see clearly now that the United States has only applied ‘bandaids’ to crisis manifesting itself on our (former) border by providing countless thousands sanctuary (millions before this latest group), free medical care, education, housing, EBT (welfare) cards and Social Security benefits to these poor people fleeing the terrible conditions south of our (former) border.  What we need is to address the greater problem, the ‘root cause’ effecting these poor, disparaged souls, unable to provide for themselves within their own country.  

As mentioned, Mexico’s leadership hasn’t gotten their act together for over four hundred years and Mexico seems unable (or unwilling) to properly ‘develop’ the country in order to provide fruitful employment opportunities to their masses.  Pondering that and the brother-in-law’s claim that a more “Christian” and  “compassion based” approach to the immigration problem needed to be pursued and, being (I feel) a compassionate guy, I had my epiphany!

Dr Strangelove 1

Putting aside the heartless application of bandaids to what is really a much larger problem, then the “Christian” thing to do, would be for us to go down there and address the cause of this migration by dealing with Mexico itself!   The ‘solution’ to the problem is the government of Mexico.  It could be said that it’s (in fact) our ‘humanitarian’ duty to solve this problem for the 51 million suffering people down there – to provide “compassion based” solution to the on-going “humanitarian crisis” and America’s ceaseless “refugee problem”. 

Mexico is gifted with approximately 1,972,550 square kilometers of real estate that it utilizes poorly and certainly NOT for the betterment of its poor and needy.   It’s rich in developable farmlands, silver, zinc, timber, lead, gold, copper and petroleum and natural gas from the Gulf of Mexico which is damned handy.  Their oil giant Petróleos Mexicanos, or Pemex (with $415.75 billion in assets and producing 2.41 million barrels of oil a day) and is believed to have the world’s sixth-largest reserves of shale and natural gas that is trapped in rock formations.  It has, according to the CIA, 5797 miles of coastlines. 

All of these resources are just a phone call away and, since our ‘Presidente’ likes to solve everything (in between golf outings and vacations at Martha’s Vineyard) as he says with “a telephone and a pen”, and since our Constitution (nor the War Powers Act or Congress) presents any impediment to El Presidente, this ‘solution’ would be a no brainer for our winner of the Nobel Peace Prize.

mil 1

INVADEA short drive from the Mexican/Texas frontier (our former border) is both Fort Hood (Elvis Presley – ‘The King’ – trained there), home to III Corps, the 1st cavalry Division, the 13th Sustainment Command, 3rd Armored Cavalry Regiment, First Army Division West, and the 41st Fires Brigade, among others and Fort Bliss, home of the 1st Armored Division, the 15th Sustainment Brigade, the 32nd Army Air & Missile Defense Command, the 11th Air Defense Artillery Brigade, the 1st Armored Division Artillery Brigade, and the 402nd Field Artillery Brigade.  Also close by are a few active Strategic Air Command facilities that come to mind such as Dyess AFB in Abilene home of the 7th Bomb Wing (B-1B bombers), Sheppard AFB near Witchita Falls housing B-52s and KC-135 tankers, not to mention JBSA Kelly/Lackland with its host of F-16 Fighting Falcons and C-5 Galaxie transports.  Indeed, Texas (Republic of…) has a host of 15 heavily armed combat facilities throughout the state.

Couple the assets ready and waiting in Texas with a cursory view of what’s ready to rock in Arizona such as Davis-Monthan’s 56th Fighter Wing, Camp Huachuca’s 1st Battalion, 210th Aviation, 11th Signal Brigade, 111th Military Intelligence Brigade & United States Army Intelligence Center, MCAS Yuma’s Marine Aircraft Group 13 and the MAWTS 1 – Marine Aviation Weapons and Tactics Squadron 1, Marine Wing Support Squadron 371, the Marine Aircraft Group 13, or in California such as Los Alamitos Joint Forces – 63rd Regional Support Command, California Army National Guard’s 40th Infantry division, the 40th Aviation Brigade with over 60 helicopters at the facility including AH-1F Cobra Attack Helicopters, OH-58C Scouts, UH-60 Blackhawks and UH-1H Hueys, Camp Beale’s 9th Reconnaissance Wing and their fleet of U-2 Dragon Lady planes, MC-12 Liberty aircraft and RQ-4 Global Hawk aircraft, Los Angeles Air Force Base in El Segundo housing the 61st Air Base Wing, March AFB with about 20 units revolving around the 4th Air Force Units and the 452 AMW Units groups as well as 17 more brigades and squadrons and the 60th Air Mobility Wing, which is the largest Air Mobility wing of the Air Mobility Command not to mention Camp Pendleton-with over 40 different units including the 1st Marine Division headquarters. 

Without doubt, between Texas, Arizona and California there are enough ground, air and naval assets to lay waste to most of South America let alone oust the Mexican government and its corrupt business elite without having to ask the remaining 47 states for so much as a tank of gas.

We roll our tanks and sortie our fighters and bombers from Texas, Arizona and California into Mexico!  No “bandaid” there.  We coin a ‘motto’ for the military operation of “Create jobs! Build infrastructure! Provide services!” to get Fox and CNN on board and to demonstrate our “humanitarian” intent!  El ‘Presidente’ will inspire our troops and airmen by saying that if those poor, unaccompanied ‘children’ can to walk all those 1,300 miles to the US (former) border, our people can cover the 1,140 miles to Mexico City in no time at all!!

combined tanks 2


Worried?  No need.  The fact is, the Mexican military couldn’t hold a candle to Saddam’s forces in Iraq and that little dustup went ‘like grass through a goose’ from 19 March to April 30 back in the day.  Most of their strength, six brigades are all based in and around Mexico City, the Federal District while the rest is diffused and scattered around the country (often working part-time for the drug cartels) in a variety of territorial commands, and independent units which would be ‘sause for the goose’ for our blitzkrieg forces from Texas, Arizona and California!

Their air force is crippled by it being under the thumb of their army leadership which means air assets will be supporting the individual 12 military districts rather than a ‘central command’ as we’re structured.  They will be easy pickings for our fighters.  Their entire navy (on two coasts) consists of a mere 2 Destroyers, 6 Frigates, 32 Ocean ‘patrol vessels’ and 35 Coastal ‘patrol boats’ as well as 2 Amphibious ships (big deal) which would be a weekend’s work for two carrier task forces out out San Diego and Norfolk.  A few Special Forces guys down in Mexico City decapitate the leadership and the game is on!

pickens 2

mil 2_2

So yeah, a freaking epiphany!  This would benefit everyone and be the most ‘Comprehensive Immigration Reform’ ever!  Clearly, were we to go down there we could show them a few things about exploiting the resources since our corporations and entrepreneurs would do a far better job of  ‘properly’ developing the resources (for the betterment of the population, of course) than the corrupt Mexicans in league with their inept government.  Once we to annex the place we could, of course, provide proper services for these folks so they wouldn’t have to travel so far to get those services within the United States.   WIN!

Our mining companies would be given all the mines and Mexican owned infrastructure, our agribusinesses would be handed all the major farmlands to manage and Pemex would, of course, go to Exxon Mobil.  Their coastlines would be developed by our folks with hotel chains, gambling casinos and private condominiums to be sold off to returning veterans (who DHS and the White House says are now ‘potential’ “home grown terrorists” and would just as soon see gone anyway).  All of these resources are just a drive in the countryside away and expropriating the wealth and assets of the ruling 1% is only effecting the 1%, right?  WIN WIN!

Think of the “Reforms” our government can implement down there to help the poor after we eliminate all those crooks running Mexico – hell, they would be so busy there perhaps they might leave us alone up here?

Think of how helpful this invasion might be to our hero’s at Homeland Security whom we’ve already paid $2.4 billion for border fence and only received about 600 miles worth out of the 1,951 miles needed.  Indeed there are only 696 miles of Mexican southern border for those poor, overworked DHS boys to defend comprised of 541 miles bordering Guatemala and 155 miles on the Belize side, which Mexico has already fully fenced which DHS couldn’t manage.  Perhaps with this smaller border to defend DHS might actually ‘accomplish something’  for a change?

Our agenda 21 folks could have a field day down there as could Health & Human Services and all the other touchy-feely government agencies.  Our DEA/CIA could run their drug operations far better than those Mexican cartels. (gosh, did I just say that?)  And since we’ll need to organize the running of the place after we wrap up our blitzkrieg ‘humanitarian mission’, El Presidente should consider appointing Nancy Pelosi as regent, proconsul or Grand Poobah to administer the place.  She’s been  so vocal in supporting these folks coming to the United States, even equating them, in public statements, to “baby Jesus”, that she’ll do great as Grand Poobah.  As her deputy, Harry Reid might be sent to assist.  Where he’s been described elsewhere as immoral, unethical, dishonest, crooked, shady, fraudulent, debased, degraded, tainted, perverted, warped, contaminated, and rotten as well as uncooperative, intransigent, inflexible, obdurate, obstinate, obstructionist, extremist, and intractable, one might assume that, together, they would excel at overseeing the proper development of the occupied territory for the betterment of those poor souls needing ‘opportunity’.

So, how’s that for a “compassion based” solution immigration?  Don’t bring the poor, disparaged, abandoned little children 1,300 miles to America.  Bring America 1,300 miles to the the poor, disparaged, abandoned little children!    Get on board; write your Congressman and Senator too.  We’ve done ‘nation building’ in the past in Libya, Iraq & Afghanistan and it’s been great for business.  This time, the Mexicans can thank us.

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