Keeping up with the Fergusons

I’m disappointed.  In fact, I’m worried that my state of New Hampshire isn’t keeping up with the times.  I see what’s been going on in Ferguson, Missouri and ponder ‘what if’ the folks in New Hampshire reacted like the folks in Ferguson – say,in the case of that Jarvis fellow in Charlestown a few years back ( where they killed the guy without ever proving he did anything wrong?  We might be caught with our knickers down unless Homeland Security (or die Heimatsicherheit as the Germans would’ve been called in my father’s day) gives us some decent ‘surplus’ military firepower.

Thus far Sullivan Country got a mere six (6) M4/M16 battle rifles and ten (10) longer range 7.62 assault rifles to deal with all our citizen uprisings.  


Strafford County got thirty one (31) M4 battle rifles and eight (8) long range 7.72s (along with night vision & three (3) $25 thousand dollar trucks).

Rockingham Country did okay with twenty one (21) M4 battle rifles and fifty nine (59) of the 7.62 assault rifles (better for deer season)


along with 150 rifle magazines, 23 rifle sights and a $36 thousand dollar night vision “viewer” but they did real well on vehicles – twenty eight (28) “utility” trucks at $50 thousand a copy and a $140 thousand dollar (party?) “van” as well as a couple of $20 thousand dollar pontoon boats. They also got a $70 thousand dollar tractor,  a few $25 thousand dollar Gator ATVs, thirteen (13) diesel generators at $20 thousand a pop and three (3) $80 thousand dollar mobil power plants as well as three (3) aviation tool kits at $140 thousand a pop & 6 flight suits (for their airforce?) along with a plethora of other equipment, not the least of which were thirty (30) bayonets which puzzled me a bit since I can’t seem to recall the last bayonet charge carried out by a police department in New Hampshire, but better safe than sorry, eh?


Merrimack County scored forty three (43) M4 battle rifles, twenty two (22) 7.62 assault rifles and three night vision ‘sets’ from $4-$7 thousand each in addition to seven (7) “utility” trucks from $25 to $55 grand not to mention fifteen (15) Night Vision goggles at $6 grand a piece.


Hillsboro County did pretty well with seventy five (75) M4 battle rifles and twenty five (25) 7.62 assault rifles, a couple of night vision setups at $4 thousand a pop, a few generators at $23 to $50 thousand a pop and a single $25 thousand dollar “utility” truck.

Grafton County only got twenty (20) M4 battle rifles and fifteen (15) 7.62 assault rifles.  They grabbed a few night vision riflescopes at and a couple of $48 thousand dollar “utility” trucks.

Belknap County got themselves a $700 grenade launcher (cool!) able to drop 40mm high explosives out to 380 yards!,

AABB M79 40mm Grenade Launcher

along with fifteen (15) .45 caliber pistols, twenty seven (27) M4 battle rifles, three (3) 7.62 assault rifles and four “utility” trucks.

Carroll County went for thirteen (13) M4 battle rifles and six (6) 7.62 assault rifles, a couple of “utility” trucks costing $80 grand and a few .45 caliber pistols.

Cheshire County got only two (2) M4 battle rifles and eight (8) 7.62 assault rifles.

Coos County got four (4) “crew served night vision” set ups for $4 to $5 thousand a pop but only a single M4 battle rifle and a single $55 thousand dollar “utility” truck.  Most of their stuff looks to be standard New Hampshire hunting related gear so I guess it’s used during deer season.


So, here’s my concern, how are we supposed to put down/surpress civil unrest here in the “Live Free or Die” state with a mere 377 military grade machine guns at $500 a pop?  I mean, even with Belknap’s M70 grenade launcher and the seven (or so) armored fighting vehicles (BearCats/MRAPs) belonging to Nashua, Manchester, Keene, Concord, Derry, Portsmouth and the New Hampshire State Police, we need more!


Heck, Norfolk County in Massachusetts got themselves a $200,000.00 107 millimeter mortar which can reach out and touch that angry mob from 7,400 yards (4 miles) away in addition to their firepower.  Now that’s what I’m talking about!


If we had mortars like Norfolk Mass, the Sullivan County SWAT boys who took out Mr. Jarvis could’ve dropped eighteen, 27 pound, high explosive rounds per minute on his single wide trailer from the parking lot of Charlestown’s Longhorn Steakhouse, while having a coffee, rather than getting dangerously close to the guy who hadn’t committed any crime in order to throw grenades through his windows and hose the place down with automatic weapons fire!

We need to get with the program because, when evaluating the scariest and most deadly states to live in (even without civil uprisings with torches and pitchforks), New Hampshire is out in front of Vermont (that hot-bed of domestic terrorism), ranking 47th in the 50 state line up!    BE VERY AFRAID!  If Ferguson is any example of what’s to come, New Hampshire needs more tanks and heavy weapons to deal with these civil unrest ‘contingencies’.  Let’s not get left behind.  At the very least let’s get some suplus Apache gunships while they’re giving stuff away and qualified pilots (perhaps from Rockingham County).

Boeing-Built Apache Longbows Arrive in South Korea

Brevard County in Florida got eight (8) 18 million dollar Apaches.  Why not us…


As for Sullivan County, we have a bunch of ex-navy squids living here as well as the “Goshen Ocean” …(

Personally, I think we should ask DHS for a surplus fleet ballistic missile sub that we can keep here …


in case our County is attacked by Liechtenstein, Ukraine or a gang of angry citizens of New Hampshire.


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