Dartmouth College – black lives matter

So, a bunch of  “black lives matter” Dartmouth College kids made a point of demonstrating their true colors at the college’s library.  In the wake of it, I ponder these “black lives matter” proponents and if their cause, such that it is, has validity.

Silly me, but my opinion has always been that ALL lives matter, at least on a sliding scale based upon accepted behavior.  Now, what does that mean, you ask?  Well, it means that in a perfect world, it doesn’t matter (to me) what group you’re in, what color you are, what religion you practice or what country you were born in; folks should be “valued” equally and treated accordingly.  There is, on the other hand, that “accepted behavior” clause.

That “accepted behavior” clause had best be taken into account because (in the real world) if some boobs believe that a jingoistic movement touting “black lives matter” is going to excuse or entitle some who feel it their right to intimidate, perpetrate violence, favor racist intimidation or make excuses for gun-slinging murderers, then they’re mistaken.  That sliding scale of accepted behavior is moving downward pretty frigging quick and will certainly effect just who “matters”. 

In my world, folks are judged (yes “judged”) by their character, by their responsibly and by their demonstrated behavior.  No amount of funding from George Soros and his Open Society Foundations will make ANYONE “matter” more than anyone else while disregarding character, responsibility and behavior and, for the record, anyone who thinks Soros and his ilk, who are funding and egging on “black lives matter’, gives a hoot-in-hell about the disproportionate number of blacks who get gunned down in any given year, then you’re, quite simply, an idiot.

When “black lives matter” protesters unleash their insults, shouting “Fuck you, you filthy white bitch!“ at some crying girl in the Dartmouth library, assault and denigrate people who didn’t bow down to their ethnocentric agenda ranting: “Stand the fuck up! You filthy racist white piece of shit!  Fuck you, you filthy white fucks!” “Fuck you and your comfort!” “Fuck you, you racist shit!” they matter about as much to mainstream America as Huey Newton’s extremist black panther party.  Who, exactly, is the “racist” here?

So, when confronted by this counterintuitive movement as exhibited at Dartmouth, is our reaction going to be agreement that “black lives matter” or something else?

I submit that based on the “accepted behavior” scale they “matter” no more than a pack of wolves would matter to a bio-diversity advocate when a wolfpack is snarling at the advocate and his/her child, during a walk in the woods.  Visceral fear is the result and with this justifiable fear comes an ingrained understanding for what’s coming next from the ‘pack’.  Demonstrably, wolves are not Cocker Spaniels and blacks screaming “Fuck you, you filthy white fucks!” are not Amish people.  Both warrant a response and it’s not likely understanding; the more likely response is a Safety being moved into the horizontal firing position.  Like it or not, you dumb asses have perpetuated the very responses you’re trying to change in society.  Rather than the ‘issue’ being law enforcement’s growing tendency to shoot first and make up a story later (a very worthy cause), these activists make it something completely different and more akin to Warren Zevon’s sardonic song ‘Poor, Poor, Pitiful Me’.

The actions of the Dartmouth ‘activists’, these social barbarians at the gates, denigrating others while promoting their ethnicity and entitlement mind-set just set back their own ‘movement’ in most ‘thinking peoples’ minds.  I would posit that if people can’t act responsibly and play nice then they “matter” a whole lot less than folks who do and they won’t find me tripping over political correctness to give their real or imagined systemic racism (as portrayed by this organization) another thought.  Were I paying Dartmouth $65,000. per year to educate my kid and Dartmouth took no action against these racist half-wits, I highly doubt my daughter would be attending next year.

For the record, people hurling racial epitaphs at others have, under New Hampshire’s the Hate Crime statutes, been put in prison for five years.  That said, the “black lives matter” racists at Dartmouth/Hanover openly practicing such intimidation won’t see any legal followup here.


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1 Response to Dartmouth College – black lives matter

  1. Brian K. you know me! says:

    Exactly!!!! Where’s Obama, Sharpton,J Jackson, Soros, NAACP when all these people of their race are being killed by the thousands every year by their own race. Look at Detroit and Chicago alone. Enough said. Funny thing I have learned over the years after growing up poor and living in the inner city in some of the poorest neighborhoods the people that scream racism the most
    ( factual or non factual ) are usually the biggest racist or they are in a position to make money off the chaos they spurn. They do this to the same people they say the protect and represent. Hmmmm ponder that!

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