The Democrats in 2016

A cynic’s reflection on the ‘Democratic party’ as it exists in 2016, is that it appears rudderless and without principle.  The Democrats today are the synthesis of an unrestrained Nietzchen ‘will-to-power’ campaign utilizing unbridled Machiavellianism.

Bernie, of course, was little more than a caricature of Leon Trotsky, of Bolshevik fame, with his promises of equality, social justice and a free lunch to all.

1 marxists

What may have become of his ‘leadership’ would have been quite different than was perceived by his followers, just as was the case when Trotsky and Lenin imposed their will on the tired and frustrated Russian population who bought into their Marxist BS in 1917.

It wasn’t to be of course because, in spite of overwhelming evidence of documentable voter fraud, in almost every state, aiding his alleged adversary and the subsequent murder of those looking into the fraud, Bernie just gave it up like the Prom Queen rather than take any stand.  His lack of principle was no better than that of the FBI who rolled over in not indicting Clinton for clear and documentable crimes against the United States demonstrating the endemic lack of integrity within the government as a whole.  Bernie simply handed his baton (or Prom dress) to to the Soros/Wall Street/neocon/media anointed candidate who’s nothing less than the reincarnation of Magda Goebbels – the unflappable “First Lady” of the Third Reich.  I mean, Trotsky, Magda, “what difference does it make?”

Like Magda, Hillary’s significant (‘male’) other is a philanderer who would consistently bang anything with a pulse.  Like Magda, Hillary is a power mad opportunist who’s sole concern is staying at the top of the heap.

2 First Lady

Like Magda, who willingly murdered her own six children to save them from a world “without their Fuhrer to lead and guide them”, Hillary will take down America and all within, rather than allow anyone to threaten her corrupt power-base and megalomania.  Indeed, she’s the neocons Übermensch “scorched earth” candidate.  While Magda and her husband took  a bullet rather than be held accountable at the end of it all…


I doubt Hillary would have the courage.

So, does anyone think this will end well for the United States if this criminal nutcase steals the White House in the next election?  Frankly I don’t think Americans could do worse were they to import some corrupt ex-Mexican el-presidente to loot the country but, ignorant is what ignorant does.

Since the voting machines clearly produce whatever results the companies owning them program them for and American election ‘integrity’ is no better than that of current day Ukraine, I wonder how our military’s senior leadership can believe they’re honoring their Oath to “support and defend the Constitution of the United States” when they watch as the government, daily, violates our Constitution, how they can watch the machinations of the government create fertile ground for race riots and civil unrest, watch a Supreme Court justice be popped without the least bit of fanfare, watch Magda’s minions effect voter fraud of the elections throughout the land with the goal of seizing power, yet sit back, in the Pentagon and NOT initiate proceedings to remove these criminals seems, to me, a sign that they either have no spine or no honor or both.  So much for bearing true faith and allegiance to the same” as the military’s Oath requires.   They’re apparently content, like the rest of us, to be untermensch in Hillary’s/Magda’s world.

As a sidebar, folks might note that Putin, speaking on the subject of American Presidential elections to his Aerospace Defense leadership in May of this year, advised them to get hustling on the deployment of new missile systems because If it’s Hillary Clinton, it’s war” but hey, our JCS don’t give that a thought.  It might be good for Wall Street.

I guess this nation has it coming. 

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