Heroin, ‘Victimhood’ and hand-wringing


The heroin problem in New Hampshire (indeed, the country) is not just rampant but (we’re told) almost pandemic in its scope.  Every night the news brings us more sound bites from State politicians and law enforcement asking for more funds to “battle” the problem.  In 2014 Vermont’s governor was quoted in Rolling Stone (how appropriate) that: “What started as an OxyContin and prescription-drug-addiction problem in Vermont has now grown into a full-blown heroin crisis.”… Since 2000, Shumlin noted, Vermont has seen an eightfold increase in those seeking treatment for opiate use, with an almost 40 percent spike in the past year for heroin alone…”  According to the National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA)  “During the period investigated, the researchers found an average increase in heroin-related drug-poisoning deaths of 6% per year from 2000 through to 2010. From 2010 through 2013, the average increase was a staggering 37% per year.”  If only we made more money available (to the state) these poor “victims” of heroin could be treated or saved.  And so goes the government’s narrative.

While the users of heroin (those folks choosing to stick a needle in their arms) achieve victimhood status, apparently over those who choose to use crack or cocaine or some other potential poison of choice to actively and intentionally destroy their lives, the closest you might come to a government plan to stop this flood of narcotics is our agencies “communicating” with other states and federal agencies to thwart distribution.  Seemingly, not included in the government’s narrative is killing the ‘source’ of the drug. 


For the record, heroin/opiates don’t grow in Massachusetts or New York.  Perhaps folks should broaden their awareness just a bit to understand why these drugs are getting here in the quantities they are, making them the most affordable ‘high’ that our Citizens can partake in.  Only then can anyone honestly do something about the heroin epidemic in our state and country.

The primary ‘source’ of heroin to the United States and the state of New Hampshire, is Afghanistan.  Ever think that perhaps it might behove us to look there to BEGIN to solve our epidemic/pandemic/crisis of drug distribution and usage?

Of course, the Communists had a huge problem with the opiate/heroin trade when they had the poor taste to attempt the occupation of Afghanistan back in the day.  A heroin “epidemic” hit Moscow as well as most significant Soviet cities just as it has here.  Then came the Taliban, those muslim nut jobs who were the bane of the Soviet army.  With our weapons they kicked the Commies out of Afghanistan (the Ruskies were happy to leave) and the Hadji consolidated their control over the country.  The Taliban took on the drug trade in Afghanistan and ENDED it.  Indeed, by July 2000 were able to claim that they had cut world opium production by two-thirds.  In a New York Times piece written by Barbara Crossette on 20 May 2001 titled Taliban’s Ban On Poppy A Success, U.S. Aides Say  it was related that “The first American narcotics experts to go to Afghanistan under Taliban rule have concluded that the movement’s ban on opium-poppy cultivation appears to have wiped out the world’s largest crop in less than a year, officials said today.  Essentially, they executed everyone they could lay their hands on who grew poppies, processed the opium or attempted to smuggle any drugs.  The drug trade took a nose dive.  During their tenure, running Afghanistan, the world had to find and get their heroin elsewhere and prices rose. 

Then, we came.  Back into the hills goes the Taliban and guess what?  Suddenly the opium trade explodes in Afghanistan once again.  So, SURPRISE! – we get a heroin epidemic!  NOTE:  We invaded in 2001 ~ graph:


The government and their media shills would have you believe that the very folks who, due to their religious fanaticism, destroyed the drug during their reign “suddenly” (now that we showed up) are the one’s growing it, taxing it and exporting it (to America).  That’s rather like drugs being a non-issue in the Amish community due to their strict religious beliefs then, the US government occupies Lancaster Pennsylvania and all the resident Amish start growing dope and shipping it to Concord in those little black horse drawn wagons on theirs.  If you believe that you should be willing to buy the Brooklyn Bridge!


The facts are that the growers, refiners and distributors no longer have to worry about the crazed, anti-drug Taliban muslims anymore because US troops are keeping them in the hills rather than in a position to interdict the manufacturer’s fields.  The opium growers LOVE the American occupation.  Business is booming.  In an August 2007 report by the United Nations found that Afghanistan’s opium production doubled in two years and that the country supplies 93% of the world’s heroin.   Heck, even transporting the drugs to market (America) gets way easier (for the Taliban) although I can’t imagine how.  Can you?



Of course, a prudent man might leave the burning house rather than complain, after the fire, of burns and smoke inhalation he suffered while standing in the livingroom as it burns.  So, where I’m just the product of a public school education, again I’ll ask – what can we do about the ‘supply’ ?  Since we seem unable to ‘beat’ the bad guys after a decade or more of touring the Afghan countryside with our Ray Bans on (one should ask if that was ever our mission), shouldn’t we, at least, resolve the ‘supply’ problem by destroying the Afghan opium fields while our military is there with zero restrictions on what they do?  Shouldn’t we, at the very least, be napalming these fields that are growing this crap and exporting it to the States?  Presupposing you weren’t going to contend that if we destroy the opium fields, the terrorists will win, there is little doubt that in a few short weeks we could lay waste to these opiate operations. Come on, you gonna tell me you didn’t crack a smile when Robert Duval spoke his famous line in Apocalypse Now:  I love the smell of napalm in the morning. It seems like . . . victory!”  Napalm’s as American as apple pie.


Those issuing the orders however, those who’s Oath is to protect America, regardless of the public hand wringing, are totally unconcerned with the poison (opiates) being cultivated there or the drug pandemic afflicting our country which their troops are seeing and walking though every day.  The fact is that if they ‘wanted’ it to end, it would end but it might be posited that “no situation, is so absolutely beyond hope, or desperate, that it can not be made worse by the interference of a politician” so no one’s going to dry up the world’s primary source/supply any time soon.  There’s money being made!

Contrary to what governments (federal/state) or their media shills tell you, you need to recognize that the “heroin epidemic” and the drug trade in general, here at home, is little more than a government sponsored ‘business model’ with money to be made though law enforcement subsidies, courts, prisons,  treatment, counseling and most importantly the pharmaceutical manufacturers of Narcan that ‘saves’ an addict who’s overdosing so he/she can go on to do their drugs again without consequence.

According to Politico, the list price of Kaleo Pharma’s auto-inject version – specifically approved for a people without medical training to use in a life-threatening crisis — soared from $575 to $3,750 per two-dose package in just two years, according to Truven Health Analytics. Amphastar’s product cost $66 for two syringes at the end of 2014, nearly double the price a year earlier. Two vials of Hospira’s generic, which cost $1.84 in 2005, shot up to $31.66 by 2014.  States are clamoring to deploy these antidotes to all ‘first responders’, health centers, schools, etc.  Hell, New Hampshire’s Governor (Hassan) has written a universal prescription for anyone in the state to access Narcan.  I’ll leave it to your imagination who foots the bill for these drugs to get into the hands of addicts who don’t want to risk an overdose (culpability/consequences) resulting from their actions.  Just an idea, crazy as it sounds, perhaps we should see if there’s a correlation between politicians who vote to supply these antidotes to their State’s drug addicts or allow the Executive branch to keep our military in the Stans and if their stock portfolios happen to hold stock in these pharmaceutical manufacturers/suppliers.  Just wondering…

Of course, being the cynic that I tend to be, I won’t discuss the ills of the world that might contribute to the addict’s developing suicidal tendencies like the bleeding hearts will.  Their irresponsibility, their weakness and their self-centered, narcissistic lifestyle results in their not giving a rat’s ass about anything or any one.  Apparently we need only concern ourselves with the need to ‘save’ these poor folks by supplying an unlimited supply of Narcan to mitigate their overdoses.  Of course, while they’re living their perilous lifestyle of “victimhood” we probably need to feed them, clothe them, house them and pay them a living so as to sooth our guilt.  Myself, I don’t have any such “guilt”.  Most of us enjoyed Cheech and Chong’s Up In Smoke and somehow got through the 70’s being Dazed and Confused, finding ourselves, like Ashton Kutcher, asking “Dude, Where’s My Car?” probably on more than one occasion.  Still we were able to transition to adulthood such that we hold a job, raise kids, keep a roof over our families heads and pay our bills without willfully sticking needles in our arms. 

Nah, I won’t get into the whole ‘eugenics’ discussion about these folks either. 

Suffice it to say they decided their lifestyle and a society, can’t follow or intervene with folks for their entire life because they’ve decided to jump off a bridge.  Eventually, they’ll find a bridge when they have no guardian so our concern, more realistically, needs to be towards those under the bridge when these folks jump.

We can napalm the poppy fields in the Stan or make heroin dealing a capital crime subject to execution, but please stop with the ‘victimhood’ crap lest I have to choke myself with a spoon.  

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