Ukraine’s Missile Tests


According to Reuters and a bunch of others, Ukraine has announced its intent to launch (“test”) missiles into Russian Crimea’s airspace on December 1st and 2nd.  Indeed, the airspace over Simferopol, Crimea where Ukraine has announced they intend to launch the missiles is a civil aviation corridor for commercial carriers.  What could go wrong, eh? 

I mean, the US government wouldn’t have a problem with Cuba or Venezuela launching missiles through US airspace, perhaps across the Florida panhandle and Miami, or, how about Mexico launching missiles into Texas or California airspace contending that once upon a time those places ‘belonged’ to Mexico so they had rights to the airspace.  

The arrogance of the twits currently running Ukraine boggles the mind.  Presuming to hold military “exercises” above Crimea – in Russia’s sovereign airspace – threatening international civil aviation is one hell-of-a volatile decision.  It rather reminds me of the Polish dictatorship’s policies that kicked off the last world war.  Thinking they had powerful ‘friends’ and unbeatable ‘allies’ they went about ethnically cleansing the German minority stuck in Poland.  First in 1921 (Upper Silesia) then the anti-German pogrom of 1927 in Rybnik, ending with the final 1939 open extermination program announced by their  government news and radio who messaged: “daß im Kriegsfalle kein einheimischer Feind lebend entrinnen wird” (translated: “In the case of war, no ethnical enemy {Germans living in Poland} will escape alive.”).  Their powerful friends and allies left them hanging when German panzers finally rolled over their border to stop them and it didn’t end well for the arrogant fools running the country at that time.  ((An interesting historical sidebar here is the Poland’s ethnic Ukrainian minority suffered the same fate as ethnic Germans under the Polish pogrom.))

The best case scenario for the idiots ruling Ukraine, when they launch their missiles in December will be that Russia’s Air and Space Defense Command will have placed a few S-400 systems within Crimea which will knock the in-bounds out of the sky with the Russians remaining stoic over it.  A more unfortunate possibility is the Russian counterbattery radars locate the launch points and initiate retaliatory strikes against the Ukrainian missile batteries.

Then, of course, we can listen to neo-cons and their western press bleating about “Russian aggression” for months to come while the thugs in Ukraine cry like a bunch of sissy school girls over getting their asses whopped. 

These are dangerous games being played by nitwits.  Just saying…

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