Russian “Aggression” – Really?

US foreign policy can be summed up by stating (and accepting) unequivocally that we are the ‘good guys’ and everyone else is the bad guys.  The United States (TPTB) has decided that the Russian Federation, led (today) by that evil and murderous Vlad Putin are the bad guys (again).  For the American oligarchs Vlad Putin is the synthesis of Boris Badenov (Борис Баденов) and the rarely seen ‘Mr. Big’ or “Evil Leader” who flashed across our TVs from 1959 to 1964 under the auspices of the Rocky and Bullwinkle show.  Simply put, Vlad’s the text book, cliché ‘Bad Guy’ who’s socks smell, who’s mother wears army boots and who (if you believe John McCain) probably steals the identifying signs off transgender bathrooms.


We know this guy Vlad is Boris Badenov because he’s resisting the ‘will’ of the democratic and peaceable people of America.  We (US State Department) arraigned a perfectly good coup d’etat in Ukraine (costing US taxpayers 5 billion dollars) over throwing the elected government after which (among a host of other actions demonstrating that the west was going to ‘harvest’ Ukraine’s wealth and resources) we were going to help manage their economy, wherein 42.3 tonnes of gold bullion in the Ukrainian Central Bank up and vanished “in a mysterious operation under the cover of night, Ukraine’s gold reserves were promptly loaded onboard an unmarked plane, which subsequently took the gold to the US.  We were going to help them farm and manage their lands  and now 2.2 million hectares [or 5,436,318 million acres] of land in Ukraine found itself under the control of foreign-based corporations, insuring they would buy Monsanto’s best GMO seeds even though nineteen European nations have banned these GMO foods which will preclude Ukraine from selling the product of Ukrainian agriculture to them. -They still have to buy our seeds though.-  Anyway, sponsoring bloody riots in the capital, overthrowing the elected government, banning the Russian language (used by half the country), oddly enough, it seemed half the folks of Ukraine weren’t thrilled yet Putin got blamed for the reaction.

So, seeing the government of Ukraine violently overthrown by a western (US) coup d’etat in February (2014) who’s lawful “autonomy” was established in 1991, the people of the ‘Autonomous Republic of Crimea’ (pop quiz – what’s “autonomous” mean in the context of ‘belonging’ to Ukraine?) decided in March (2014) that they would put to their People the question of their staying an “Autonomous Republic” within Ukraine or, if the People chose it, petition the Russian Federation to reincorporate Crimea back into Russia to whom and with whom they belonged from 1783 to 1954 when a Ukrainian dictator gave the Russian Crimea to Ukraine as a gift.  It only took the citizens of Crimean a month to see the hand writing on the wall with Kiev’s neo-nazi paramilitaries roaming the streets. 

The plebiscite resulted in 96.77% of the vote reflecting a desire to return to Russia.  The voting was monitored by 135 international observers from 23 countries, including Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, France, Germany, Hungary, Italy, Latvia and Poland.  Polish Member of Parliament Mateusz Piskorski, the leader of the European observers’ mission, told journalists: “Our observers have not registered any violations of voting rules.  He added that the voting was held in line with international norms and standards.

So, while ‘Boris Badenov’ Putin didn’t roll any tanks into Crimea or Ukraine, the basis for the current 21st century war-mongering, military/industrial complex’s attitude towards not playing nice with the Russians is the catch phrase: “Russian Aggression”.    This aggression stems from the alleged ‘illegal’ annexation of the Crimean peninsula that the People of the Republic of Crimea voted for, under international supervision, who found no irregularities and approved of.  So, apparently, according to the neo-cons, you don’t need any Russians to actually have “Russian Aggression”; you just need the Autonomous Republic of Crimea to hold an election.

Now Washington’s puppet dictatorship in Kiev has not only lost Crimea but the Oblasts (states) of Luhansk and Donetsk have declared their independence from the Ukrainian dictatorship and their people (militias) are holding their own against the might of the Ukrainian armed forces and para-militaries who fire mortars and missiles into their neighborhoods on a daily basis.  The rebellion is spreading and before it’s done Ukraine may loose the Kharkiv, Zaporizhia, Zakarpattia and Odessa Oblasts as well.  Yet, the DC chicken-hawks continue their fear mongering hoping that if they repeat the mantra: “Russian Aggression”, “Russian Aggression”, “Russian Aggression” often enough, sooner or later enough fools will believe them that they can have their Gulf of Tonkin moment and kick this world war off.


If “Russian Aggression” is the result of allowing Crimea to return to Russia then I’m forced to reflect on The Donald’s comments to Bill O’Reilly on Fox:  do you think our country’s so innocent?  Well, do you?

Having a passing acquaintance with ‘history’ and ‘political science’ I would point out that long before Putin hacked the 2016 elections, kicked my dog, stole lunch money from poor homeless (gay) black children hanging around the Manhattan Salvation Army center and annexed Crimea, the United States sent the heavy cruiser U.S.S. Boston into Honolulu Harbor to effect a military coup d’etat against the internationally recognized government of the Kingdom of Hawai’i, on 17 January 1893.  Queen Lili’uokalani was placed under house arrest and on 7 July 1898, Hawai’i was annexed by the United States government.  This is a FACT.  Indeed, 1898 was a good year for the US because as a result of a fire in her hold near its ammunition stocks, the battleship U.S.S. Maine exploded and sank in Havana harbor on 15 February 1898.  Between the government and the Hearst newspapers the event was ‘spun’ (can we say: false flag) as a deliberate act of Spain whom we had decided to screw with and the sinking of the Maine was the cause célèbre for the commencement of the Spanish American War.  We won and promptly ‘liberated’ Spain’s colonial holdings.  On 10 December 1898 the US annexed, among other places, Puerto Rico and Guam whom we still hold as ‘territories’ rightfully “belonging” to the United States.  This too is a FACT.

So, applying an absolute minimum of intellectual acuity, if I understand the United States’ position correctly, over 95 percent of voters in the Crimean referendum have answered ‘yes’ to rejoining Russia and their historical and ethnic homeland since 1783 no more than a month after seeing Ukraine/Kiev coup government begin to implement fascist policies towards their ethnic group and this is interpreted by the west (the good guys) as being some kind of “Russian Aggression”.  This perception, being in direct antithesis to the founding principles of the United Nations articulated in their ‘Universal Declaration of Human Rights’ which states that: “No one shall be arbitrarily deprived of his nationality nor denied the right to change his nationality.  It further flies in the face of the UN General Assembly resolution 1514 (XV) of 14 December 1960 which states: “All peoples have the right to self-determination; by virtue of that right they freely determine their political status and freely pursue their economic, social and cultural development.  The desires of the People of Crimea are (we can see) utterly meaningless to the US mindset which means the very foundation of the United Nations is likewise meaningless.  This claim of “Russian Aggression” should/must be accepted as true even though we mustn’t speak of the United States committing outright CONQUEST and annexation of the aforementioned Kingdom of Hawai’i as well as Puerto Rico and Guam with not the least bit of guilt.  These (US) actions or ‘possessions’ no one can call into question unless they’re willing to be called an unhinged crack smoking lunatic.  Maybe if the President and the House of Representatives forces independence on Puerto Rico, Guam and the Kingdom (State) of Hawai’i allowing them to go their own way in the world, Putin and the Russian Duma would force the People of Crimea into independence against their collective national ‘will’?  You can, I’m sure, envision the US, The Donald and the Pentagon gleefully letting these annexed territories go along with Pearl Harbor and all the other bases, right?  If not, do you think it’s ‘equitable’ to play with the idea of global war over Crimea given the FACTS stated above?

I would strongly advise a homework assignment for any of you interested in the aforementioned international relations.  In 1966 a comedy was filmed based on a fictional novel by Nathaniel Benchley called: ‘The Russians Are Coming, the Russians Are Coming’.  The tale depicted the chaos resulting from a Soviet submarine accidentally running aground off “Gloucester (Martha’s Vineyard) Island” Massachusetts, during the Cold War.


It’s hilarious even by today’s standards, demonstrating the preconceived illusions of our enemy of the day, the total misinterpretation of the other’s actions/intentions and the ease with which events can get away from us.  The point being, missteps, like those portrayed in the film as well as the blustering going on today are the way wars begin; usually with an “Oh Shit!” rather than an Evil Leader or Boris Badenov or even Vlad Putin.

I had rather thought that with The Donald being hired to run the show in DC that he would see fit to dial it back a bit with the Russians.  To my chagrin, we have Mattis calling out Russia as the biggest threat to the US and continuing to ‘augment’ NATO with troops, tanks and missiles right on the borders of Russia.  We have US warships continuing to ‘patrol’ the Black Sea as if it were Lake Superior rather than 5,300 miles away.  We have both Tillerson and Mattis rattling sabers against China regarding islands, that were lawfully returned to China after WW2 by the international (accepted) peace treaty.  We have Trump’s UN Ambassador still citing nonexistent Russian aggression in Ukraine and calling Crimea an “annexation” rather than self determination and demanding its return to Ukraine.

I’m beginning to worry that America’s hope that the election of Trump was going to kick the neo-cons in the teeth and refocus our attention on our country rather than everyone else’s business was, perhaps, a drinking the Kool-Aid moment.  I’m disappointed because as I listen to my nine year old daughter vacillate (this week) between going to an art college and being a Youtuber when she grows up, I ponder what the future might bring just as I did growing up in the sixties and seventies.

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