The Kerch Strait ~ for Dummies

International Law recognizes the countries bordering oceans and seas have, by the 1982 United Nations Convention on the Law of the Sea, ‘territorial waters extending 12 nautical miles.The Kerch Strait is (at it widest) a tad over nine (9) miles wide and runs between two land masses that are both Russian territory.As such, for any vessel to pass into the Sea of Azov, they must traverse through Russian territorial waters and within five (5) miles of Russian coastline.Russia thus controls the Sea of Azov ~ it is, for all intents and purposes, a Russian lake with Ukraine across the lake.

There are those, such as the oligarchy running Ukraine and my country as well as the west in general, who continue to ‘contend’ that Crimea belongs to Ukraine regardless of the People voting to rejoin Russia but that contention doesn’t make the facts on the ground any different.  Crimea is just as ‘Russian’ now as it was before the Ukrainian dictator Khrushchev “decreed” he ‘gave it’ to Ukraine in 1954.  If Ukraine still has a right of sovereignty over Crimea as is their fantasy then, presumably Puerto Rico & Guam still belong to Spain?  Perhaps the united States, or Australia still belongs to Britain?  Or maybe Alaska still belongs to Russia?  You simply can’t have it both ways.  ‘Wishing’ it were so doesn’t make it so folks.

The concept of ’freedom of navigation’ does not apply to a circumstance where a hostile country’s (or their pal’s) waships can ‘force’ their way through another country’s territorial waters into an inland sea or lake.  To do so, risks war.  Pure and simple.

Before folks decide to hose the sidewalks down with testosterone insisting the Russians should allow hostile (NATO) nation’s navies to pass through their waters, within five (5) miles of their coasts, to enter the Sea of Azov ask yourself if ‘freedom of navigation’ works both ways?  If yes, I guess you would agree the Russian or Chinese or Iranian warships should be allowed to motor up the Saint Lawrence river into Lake Ontario with a ship, perhaps the Russian missile cruiser Moskva, armed with Kalibr (Tomahawk like) cruise missiles…?  How many US cities/targets would be within the 200 mile range of those Mach 3 missiles?  Would you be hearing a resounding “HELL NO” from the Americans living in New England?  What goes around comes around, eh? 

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2 Responses to The Kerch Strait ~ for Dummies

  1. Shinimegami says:

    In reality, one of the landmasses that the Kerch Strait runs through is Ukrainian, not Russian.

    • mildlypissed says:


      Looking at a map I see Kerch and the Kerch peninsula in Russian’s Crimea and across the water (the strait) is the Taman Peninsula (also Russia) so, while some folks might want to chose a time, not in the present, when Crimea or Taman may not have been Russia, one would need to disregard 21st Century reality in order to play fast and free with the facts. Since Russia territorially controls the Kerch Strait just like Turkey territorially controls the Bosphorus or Istanbul Straits I believe the Russians have the authority and Right to say who, has access to the Sea of Azov.

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