11 September ~ ho-hum… fugetaboutit

Ever notice how something you read or see triggers a memory or makes you think about something you haven’t thought about in a while?  I read something the other day that turned on the ‘way-back’ machine in my head and got me thinking about September 11th again.  Likely it was some goofy remark about ‘who-done-it’ that got me thinking and I asked myself, “Are people so freaking stupid that they can’t string together a few simple facts in order to arrive at a logical conclusion?”  Most people think they know what happened that day, but do they?

While I’m sure it’s racist and neo-fascist these days to look at facts and actually draw a conclusion I hazard to posit this to you.  If you want to reach a factual conclusion about September 11th you need to put aside the conflicting claims, contradictory testimony, confusing speculation and outright deceptive information that powers-that-be’s put out there to muddy the waters of any real understanding of what may have really befallen us on that day and simply only look at the photo below to cut through all the bullshit in one fell swoop.

The truck (above) was stopped and occupants arrested on 9/11.  The truck was festooned with a mural depicting an airliner flying and exploding into the World Trade Center.  The paint wasn’t wet so obviously, this truck was painted prior to September 11th.

The truck wasn’t owned by Palestinians, not by Iranians, Iraqis, Libyans or even Afghans.  The truck was owned/operated by ‘Urban Moving Systems Inc.’ an Israeli (Mossad) owned front company operating in New York who’s owner fled to Israel before the FBI could question him about the truck’s mural, his operation, employees or the trace elements of explosives found in the truck.

The Israelis owned and were driving that truck on September 11th.  The Israelis (former Israeli Defense Force operatives arrested with socks stuffed with cash.) were seen celebrating, photographing and videotaping the aircraft crashes as they happened, holding up their Bic lighters and ‘high-fiving’ each other as the building burned and Americans died.   Clearly the Israelis had the prescience of what was going to happen on September 11th to paint that perverse mural on the sides of their truck as (apparently) a means of graphically, yet subtly, saying “fuck you” to the American goy who got attacked that day.  Sort-of like if were Lee Harvey Oswald caught wearing this sweat shirt (below) that morning in Dallas that Senator John McCain wasn’t bashful about calling an “intervention”.

If you find  it a ‘mere coincidence’ that some Israeli ‘company’ had the miraculous clairvoyance to paint their moving truck with the events of the day of September 11th and drive it around New York that day, you won’t even blink at the fact that all three of the September 11th airports that allowed the alleged 19 hijackers through their security screening protocols with box-cutters, mace, and even a gun, were all contracted with the same Israeli ‘private’ security firm, ICTS, who’s security personnel are mostly ex-Shin Bet officers.  (Shin Bet is, of course Israel’s internal security service known as “Sherut ha’Bitachon ha’Klali”)  Either you can believe the Israelis were ‘clairvoyant’ in their precognition of the events of September 11th sufficient to (for some sick reason) paint their trucks, prior to the event, with this in-your-face mural and send their operatives out to (in their own words) “document” the event and that the Israeli security professionals ‘accidently’ let 19 questionable people board the various aircraft that day or you can believe (correctly, I believe) that the Israeli foreknowledge of the attack might just indicate they were participatory in its execution and thus the ones who attacked us, just like they were on the day they bombed, torpedoed & strafed our naval ship the USS Liberty, killing 34 of our Naval officers and sailors and wounding 171.

Then, of course, there’s the Israeli Odigo instant messaging service with offices in New York and Herzliya, Israel. (Herzliya also happens to be ~ SURPRISE! ~ the home of the Mossad Headquarters)  Oddly enough, two hours before the attack on September 11th, messages went out to Israeli subscribers ‘predicting’ the attack on the Towers.

On that fateful day it should be noted that out of the 4000 Israelis believed to have worked in and around the Towers and the Pentagon only FIVE died.  Imagine that…  This isn’t to say only five American Jews died on 9/11 but five ‘Israeli citi   zens’.  Two of those five were aboard the allegedly hijacked flights.  Thus only three Israelis died in the Towers themselves on 9/11 which, given the numbers that worked in and around them it’s, shall we say, a statistical anomaly but pointing that out is, I’m sure, anti-semitic and racist. 

Back in 1964, in the 007 film Goldfinger, the bad guy pointed out:  Mr Bond, they have a saying in Chicago: ‘Once is happenstance. Twice is coincidence. The third time it’s enemy action.”

1. An Israeli truck (linked to their intelligence services), prepainted with scenes depicted the actual attack on September 11th…

2. Airport security allowing the alleged bad guys through to the planes were all controlled by the Israelis (linked to their intelligence services)…

3. The Israeli company Odigo (linked to their intelligence services) warning Israeli citizens of the attack prior to its taking place…

These are not ‘conspiracy’ “theories”, these documentable facts are “evidence” of a ‘conspiracy’ that you would need to be a nitwit to write off as happenstance.

The current Israeli prime minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, commented on the attack, to the New York Times, back then:  “It’s very good…”  “Well, not very good, but it will generate immediate sympathy.” (for Israel)  He then predicted, that the attacks would “strengthen the bond between our two peoples, because we’ve experienced terror over so many decades, but the United States has now experienced a massive hemorrhaging of terror.”

All of this (for me, at least) brings to mind another apt movie quote: Don’t piss down my back and tell me it’s raining.

What does the fact that Americans can’t seem to string these three ‘facts’ together to arrive at a logical conclusion about who attacked us on 9/11 say about us?  Either:


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