Black Lives Matter ~ ANTIFA, Riots, Arson & Looting ~ Oh my…

It’s hard to watch the news these days without seeing the riots, the looting, the assaults against innocents and the burning of building starting in our cities and moving progressively outward.  It’s impossible to miss the frantic slogans like “black lives matter” and “white privilege” sprinkled with “defund police” and even “kill cops”.  The media would have you believe you should be supporting the foundational premise of these bozos but let’s think for a moment.

Just WTF is this nonsense with “white privilege” they’re barking about?  Privilege implies that someone’s handing you something unearned but any privilege (if you could call it that) I have I earned, by working all my life to get, and I can assure you there ain’t much privilege here.  Sure as hell, no one ever handed me anything.  These alleged ‘victims’ are lumping all white folks into some false paradigm (collective guilt) which, itself, is inherently racist.

Applying the Latin phrase “ceteris paribus” meaning “all other things being equal, if it’s fair to lump folks (whites) all together without the least bit of analysis, that can go both ways, can’t it?  Let’s look at ‘black privilege’ from the standpoint of someone being handed something unearned.

A rather large number of blacks are given an income without having to work for it like other folks have to.  Instead, the government (the oppressors of blacks) provides an income to them at the expense of us taxpayers.  This same large number of blacks don’t have to pay rent or a mortgage like other folks have to.  Instead, the government (the oppressors of blacks) provides them with paid housing at the expense of us taxpayers.  This same large number of blacks don’t have to pay for food for themselves or their offspring like other folks have to.  Instead, the government (the oppressors of blacks) provide them prepaid EBT cards to feed themselves at the expense of us taxpayers.  This same large number of blacks don’t have to pay for healthcare for themselves or their children like other folks have to.  Instead, the government (the oppressors of blacks) provides them free medical care for themselves and their offspring at the expense of us taxpayers.  These blacks, thanks to their hero, Obama, don’t even have to pay for a cell phone like us whites have to.  Instead, the government (the alleged oppressors of blacks) provides them phones & service at the expense of us taxpayers.  Combining federal and state budgets for such ‘assistance’ totals upward of a trillion dollars that the government redistributes from taxpayers to these other people.

So, I ask you, who, exactly, has “privilege” in this country?  Is the white slob who works all their life, pays their taxes, cares for their kids, pays their mortgage and insurance bills and gets to retire at 65 years old (if they live that long) with around fifteen hundred dollar social security benefit “privileged”?  Or, are the aforementioned blacks “privileged” who, generation after generation since 1963, are paid NOT to work, have NOT had to pay their rent, have NOT had to pay for theirs or their children’s food, have NOT had to pay theirs or their children’s healthcare insurance?  Sixty seven percent of black children grow up in a single parent home and they learn how to play the system early on.  Get knocked up (but don’t get married) and you get a guaranteed income for twenty years.  Need a raise?  Have a few more with another undocumented father and the gravy train just keeps on giving.  Call me silly but having everything handed to you sure seems more “privileged” to me than having to bust your ass working for everything, like I have to.

Then, there’s this whole BS leftist narrative called Black Lives Matter.  God forbid someone points out that ‘all lives matter’ because then we cycle back to the Black Lives Matter terrorists alleging the speaker’s premise is based on “white privilege”.  Claiming exclusivity of just ‘who’ “matters” is inherently racist just in case one hasn’t figured that out.  Logic and cognitive thought, however, are beyond these bozos.  Rather than being some kind of ‘social justice’ activists, (for the record, the Black Lives Matter organization includes the Nation of Islam, the New Black Panther Party and it’s ‘network’ is currently working in coordination with the ultra-violent ~communist~ ANTIFA domestic terrorist groups) they’re merely a shock troop, organized and directed by deep state leftists to destabilize society with their own racial intolerance.

This is what they’re ‘allegedly’ bitching about~

This is their ONLY contribution~

I know, I know, it’s no doubt “racist” of me to point out that almost every gathering of these professional agitators (BLM/ANTIFA) have resulted in rioting, looting, arson & assaults.  But, no where have I found documented positive action that these barbarians can take credit for, in spite of the $33 million dollars that, top democratic donor, George Soros has gifted them through his Open Society Foundation.  That said, they always do quite a bit of shopping, although they don’t use Soros’ money for that.

So what’s really going on here beyond a bunch of animals, loose in the street, rioting, looting and committing arson and assault?  First and foremost I would ‘follow the money’. 

Where does that lead? 

George Soros

What do you call someone who allows themselves to be used for money?  The black’s colorful vernacular calls that person “a hoe”.  What the definition of a “hoe”?  Someone who lets any color pencil into their sharpener.

Now, were I a person of color I sure wouldn’t want to affix myself to any ‘movement’ that was funded by some Hungarian jewish guy, who’s never been bashful about having worked with the nazis back during WW2 (google it), who’s ‘using’ black folks like a “hoe” in order to simply destabilize America so that his minions (not black folks, mind you) can seize the levers of power in this country.  Can you say “played like a fiddle”.

Oh well.  They say they’re ‘victims’ of white oppression (even though slavery ended more than 155 years ago).  They say they’re ‘victims’ of “white privilege” (even though boatload of privileged? blacks have been provided a living, free rent, free healthcare and free food for generations).  They say they’re ‘victims’ of being murdered by whites in disproportionate numbers which is just plain bullshit.  Civil Rights Veteran Shelby Steele (a name these blacks should know) said: blacks ‘Have Never Been Less Oppressed’ In America.  But, black lives matter ~ presumably mattering more than any other lives?  Sorry folks ~ you’re racists, you’re idiots and you’re barbarian animals.

There may come a time when the police are forced to act against you.Your handlers are looking forward to the ‘optics’ when police reaction results in your bodies in the street.  That said, there are plenty of you so there’s no real loss, eh?  On the other hand, there may come a time when the Governor of the state your rioting, looting and burning in calls in his National Guard because the local police appear unable to neutralize you.  Then the ‘optics’ might include you finding yourselves looking down the barrels of .30 caliber crew served weapons atop US armored vehicles.  That will be fun (I sure have my popcorn ready) but again, there are plenty of you so there’s no real loss, eh?  Your real fear though shouldn’t be the police or even the Guard.  What you dumb-assed predators need to factor in is what the reaction of the real people might be, because if the general population gets real tired of all this racist/leftist nonsense, rioting, burning and looting and decides to face down these animals, there will be no more arrests, no more Miranda warnings, no more ‘Rights’.  You’ll be sniped at from rooftops, bridges, cars, alleys, and anywhere else an American with a gun is standing.  There are 100 million armed American citizens.  They have more firepower, per capita, than the police and Guard combined and they don’t give a fuck about ‘optics’ because someone else will have the job of picking up the bodies they leave behind in the street and dumping them in mass graves.

So BLM/ANTIFA, enjoy all that camaraderie of the rioting, burning and looting while you can.  When the time comes, we’ll be there for you.

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