The Post-Election State of the Union

When an “election” takes place and the results are illegally negated resulting in the conspirators seizing power it’s called, quite simply, a coup d’état.  The very definition of a coup d’état means that your country, such that it was, has been overthrown.  It’s estimated that 161 million Americans voted in the 2020 presidential election and, according to Rasmussen polls, 30% of democrats and 70% of republicans believe the election was stolen.  The new regime was installed (inaugurated) behind tall fences and barbed wire, ushered in by 30,000 troops in the streets of Washington, who possessed no bullets for their weapons, overlooking only a sea of rainbow flags where any other President saw multitudes of Americans witnessing their swearing in.  

Unless I’m missing something, anyone still believing the ‘united’ States is anything more than another Banana republic in the Americas needs to share whatever drug-of-choice they’re using with the rest of us.  There’s no ‘exceptionalism’ here ~ just another oligarchy with no principles, no rule of Law and little, if any ‘honor’ remaining.

We Americans need to understand that subverting the election “MEANS” that there has been an overthrow of their government.  Looked at another way, if, through a lot of shenanigans and cheating within the Vatican’s Secret Conclave, a well known Rabbi was placed in the position of supreme pontiff of the ‘Catholic Church’ and the College of Cardinals were found to be, in fact, a bunch of muslim Imams would the 1.2 billion Catholics in the world still believe the Vatican was legitimately the epicenter of the “Catholic Church” and follow the dictates of a Rabbinical Pontiff and his band of muslim Imams just because the Vatican flag still flew over Rome?

Likewise, any legitimacy the united States had as a free Republic, having a representative government that derived their authority from the People is gone when illegal and un-Constitutional means are accepted to subvert an election.  The fact the American national flag is still allowed to fly means no more than seeing any other defunct national flag flying, such as a Tsarist flag, the flag of Rhodesia or the Imperial German flag, when the governments represented by those flags have been relegated to the dust-bin of history.  Flying the flag of an overthrown nation indicates nostalgia rather than reality.

What amazes me is when you consider the Oath sworn by anyone in government not the least of which are members of our armed forces.  One swears that he/she does: “solemnly swear that I will support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic, that I will bear true faith and allegiance to the same”.  How many Americans, having watched the events of the 2020 election, believe in their hearts that the election was screwed with and the resulting fraud has placed an unelected regime in power that did NOT lawfully win the election?  If this regime did not actually win the election then our Constitution has been usurped and government overthrown.  If our Constitution has been usurped then any ‘orders’ issued by these people or their minions are unlawful.  In fact, the belief that the election was, in fact, illegally carried out means the very Oath sworn not only precludes following any orders coming down their chain of command but REQUIRES such an Oath taker to not just “bear true faith” to our Constitution but to actively “defend” it by any means necessary in order to restore a lawful Constitutional government.  Were we to guess the military were 60% republican and 40% democrat it probably equates to half the military believing this country has been overthrown.  Where are those half a million service people on their Oath? 

People having taken that Oath to “support and defend the Constitution” and then choosing not to do so are choosing their ‘job security’ over fulfilling their Oath to their fellow American People and our Constitution.  They’re hoping that the precedent set after WW2, that the “Nuremberg defense” was no defense at all won’t come into play for them.  The “Nuremberg defense” was the claim made by many defendants at Nuremberg, be they members of the military, law enforcement, firefighters, or the civilian population, when they claimed they were not guilty of “crimes” because they were simply “following orders” of their superiors or government officials.  The Germans referred to it as “Befehl ist Befehl” wherein they should be excused of any culpability relating to ‘oppression’ since they were required to follow orders and obey their superiors.  Fact is, “following orders” didn’t work out well as a defense for them.

Thinking one can ‘go along to get along’ might not be as sound a mind-set as thought because if one’s not willing to take a principled stand when criminals overthrow your government it’s not likely to get easier to take a principled stand when they order you to lock up (or execute) your neighbors.  Just saying…

People need to stop talking about “their democracy” being “threatened” in the light of their election being stolen.  Simply put, you don’t HAVE any democracy or Republic when the results of an election are overturned and NOT resisted in any meaningful way.  It’s really time people get over this.  Defrauding an election by un-Constitutional means and then installing the criminals who hatched the scheme is establishing a tyranny.  Following orders to perpetuate the tyranny is treason.  Given that, it seems to me, it should now be clear to almost anyone who can still fog a mirror, that we should dispense with any references to living in a “Republic” and should finally put a fork in all that “home of the brave” stuff that people like to banter about.  

Just an opinion, of course, but one derived from observing ‘obvious’ current events.

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2 Responses to The Post-Election State of the Union

  1. Capt pops says:

    I would like to add that, for those of us who took this Oath, and have long since separated from the military, this Oath is still is binding.
    We pledged that Oath to GOD to support and defend our Constitution. It has not expired. It will not expire.
    For my part, I’m struggling with my obligation to keep this promise I made to our LORD. I don’t want to have to kneel before my Maker and have to say, ” just kidding”.
    I will keep that vow, perhaps with my last breath.

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