Our ‘Politically Correct’ Nation

Since Trump got in we’ve been barraged with such blatant lies and utter nonsense from the media that most ‘normal’ people throw up their hands and ask themselves and their friends “how can these bozos get away with this crap?”, while the other half of the only acceptable political party in America have been relentless in opposing The Donald, instructing their stalwart sympathizers to resist the new administration to the point of open and armed rebellion.  Never have we seen a larger, more organized gang of cry babies and hand wringing whiners than we are witnessing now in America.  George Carlin was right when he said: “Never underestimate the power of stupid people in large groups.

It’s gotten so ridiculous that not just the folks who supported Trump, but even those who didn’t, are now almost daily hoping that the shooting starts soon such that Darwin can rid us of all these Snowflake, liberal, Millennial, democrat, safe-zone requiring nitwits before they breed any further.

Yes, where we once had ‘principles’ there are none now.  Where once our schools and parents taught ‘values’ today there are none.  And, where we once had a proud Republic it’s now mere legend.  All that’s here now are ‘sides’; you need to take one or you’ll be labeled some misbegotten misanthrope whom eventually someone or other will devise a final solution for.

I, for one, am quite tired of the absurdity of it all.  Certainly tired of the ‘sides’, tired of the endless argument, tired of the same old claim of victimhood by one side or the other and tired of the make believe theater that most of the boobs around me seem to buy into.  None of it passes any scrutiny for any thinking human who actually looks into any of the positions.  For me, hanging on to my belief system, still futilely loyal to the old (dead) republic, I’ve decided that the most liberal thing I can do is to reciprocate, in kind.  I’ve decided that I hate everyone. 

I hate the retarded liberals, the right wingers and the Trumpites too.  I hate those goofy MAGA hats since, for the record, America hasn’t been ‘great’ since they shot Kennedy.  I hate the gays, I hate the straights and anyone else finding it more important to talk about sexual proclivities than to just have fun and keep it to themselves.  I hate transgenders and transracialists.  I hate the muslims because they’re freaking whacked, I hate the christians because they’re pussies and hate the jews because they clearly hate everyone who’s not a jew.  I hate white racists as readily as I hate the blacks who think ‘black lives matter’ über alles or insist I call them “African-Americans” even though they have no more in common with Africa than I do with eastern Prussia.  I hate dreadlocks because one can’t help but wonder ‘if’ the Rastafarian wannabe wearing them even bathes regularly.  I hate people who even mention pet and smoke free homes.  I hate feminists wearing pussy hats.  I hate any dingbat who wears their baseball caps backwards.  I hate the ‘press’ and the media who’s mission is supposed to be to inform the public but either spins events solely for the benefit of the financial benefactors or makes shit up out of whole cloth just to ruin the CIA’s enemies.  I hate the analysts and writers who pontificate endlessly trying to fathom what it all means when ‘it’ doesn’t really ‘mean’ shit beyond what’s obvious, in fact, “it” might not have even happened.  Hell, I even hate NASA who, in their endless quest to mislead those who’s taxes pay their salary, continue, in the 21st century, to pawn off black and white imagery without any kind of reference scale in a photo seemingly forgetting (or expecting we’ll forget) that mankind has had color photography since before Hitler was Chancellor of Germany.

So, right, left, middle of the road, I hate them all.  Every one of those ditzes who allege I must care what they think even though they don’t, or I must give them a voice, even though they have nothing of any value to say or allow them to breath my air when they are complicit in the total retardation of American intellectual progress and, to coin a globalist phrase, are: “useless eaters”.  I hate any who attempt to manipulate and I especially hate those too stupid to see they’re being manipulated which probably means I hate you too. 

The entire political ‘theater’ in this country is prevarication and its people, apparently, quite willing to carry on a meaningless debate on gender equality or about the color of the curtains inside a burning building rather than live within reality.  Nothing’s getting better and nothing ‘will’ get better.  The us/them paradigm coupled with the sky is falling is nothing more than the bleating of sheep, ruled by people who don’t give a shit about the sheep’s bleating.  It all rather reminds me of an Atlantean, eleven thousand years ago, watching the spectacle of lava and ash rain down, as their continent explodes and sinks below the waves, arguing with their neighbors over who’s job it was to build the dykes higher and insure the roads had a firmer foundation.

Perhaps you’ll surmise that I’m overreacting, that I’m a nut.  Then again, maybe you too are standing slack-jaw. troubled by his or her country’s decent into the abyss regardless of which ‘side’ is running things.  Let’s face it, if we weren’t significantly fucked up in this country then answer me why we put Braille on the drive-through bank machines?  Tolerance of utter nonsense should not be acceptable. When confronted with these mindless, valueless, principle-less, lying meat-sacks who bleat endlessly of their ‘needs’ or even those who claim their ‘side’ will restore our Rights and/or our Republic in spite of their side’s ‘actions’ being virtually identical to those of the neo-cons whom they replaced and/or ran against.  (I’m sure it’s all part of the secret plan to ‘fool’ the deep state which is little more than a variant of the quip “god moves in mysterious ways” we’ve all heard before.)  Please! 

Total derision is the LEAST they should expect from anyone with a brain since, sadly, we can only fantasize about clubbing them like baby seals while hysterically screaming “whack-a-mole!, whack-a-mole!”.

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Observation on the Trump Administration

Is anything changing under Trump?  Once elected, the chanting “Lock her up” was answered with notion the the Clintons were good people and should be left alone.  Once elected the statements about uniting with Russia to “get ISIS” ceased; while our Special Forces are helicoptering into Mosul (March 2017) to extract ISIS commanders under threat by Iraqi military forces.  During the campaign he said again and again “it would be great if we could get along with Russia,” yet his senior cabinet people (Mattis, Tillerson and UN Ambassador Haley) have done nothing but state the complete opposite since taking their chairs.  Their statements and actions, in fact, have been unequivocal provocations to the Russians so, ask yourself, is Trump such an incompetent bungler that he allows his staff to openly and publicly oppose his will and stated positions which were, in many ways, the foundation of his victory in the election?  Is he really afraid of saying “You’re Fired!”  Apparently so.  One also may ask, how honorable or trustworthy are men like Mattis and Tillerson that in less than a month they’re outwardly preaching the subversion of their President’s publicly stated agenda?  He called NATO “obsolete” but promptly expanded American participation in NATO prevocational maneuvers right up to the Russian border.  He was quick to (rightly) say Clinton was “owned by Wall Street” and “bought and paid for by Wall Street” yet as soon as he was President he stacked his senior staff with Wall Street insiders.  If things are changing I’m sure as hell missing it.

I think apologists for The Donald might think up some silly excuses for the stagnating forward momentum of his crusade but I might respond that if the administration actually ‘wanted’ to make a gesture to the Russians in order to dial back the neo-con nonsense, how hard would it be to take a reasonable position on Ukraine that would cost us nothing and yet calm the Russian Bear?  A simple ‘public’ acknowledgement that the government of Ukraine has NOT complied with the Minsk agreements would be all it would take.  Indeed, virtually no attempt has been made to comply while violations of the agreement, by Kiev, occur daily.  As such the administration could say, there’ll be no funds approved and any/all US missions (advisory, training or otherwise) end today.  With regard to firing a shot across the bow of Trump’s critics (the deep state), how hard would it be to rein in or leash (if not destroy) John McCain who, along with his republican sidekick Lindsey Graham, continues to oppose The Donald at every turn?  Simple public disclosure of the circumstances of his POW ‘adventure’ would retire McCain whom we would never hear from again.  The message would be clear – we’re prepared to ruin you by letting your skeletons out of the closet if you choose to oppose the administration.  Instead Trump allows this cockroach to nip at his pant-leg like a yipping chiwawa demonstrating his lack of control over any narrative or his own party.  Were he intent on ‘showing’ Americans his resolve on the border would he embroil his agenda in Congressional legislation or simply ‘deploy’ the Army Corps of Engineers to the southern border to build the wall?  We’re paying their salaries every day already as the engineering branch of our Army and they have ALL the requisite construction equipment and Trump alone commands them.  He could call the action a ‘training exercise’ testing the rapid response of the Corps in ‘fort construction’.  From a domestic tranquility standpoint, how hard would it be to charge Soros under the Patriot Act for funding all those left wing NGOs who are organizing riots and demonstrations throughout our county.  Indeed, once the Patriot act was engaged, Section 806 of the act would afford the government the authority to seize “All assets, foreign or domestic–of any individual (Soros), entity, or organization engaged in planning or perpetrating any act of domestic or international terrorism (as defined in section 2331) against the United States, citizens or residents of the United States, or their property, and all assets, foreign or domestic, affording any person a source of influence over any such entity or organization;” In addition, provisions of the aforementioned civil asset forfeiture laws would come into play such that Soros and the leadership of any of his surrogate operations, NGO or charities would lose all bank accounts, real estate, stocks, inter-locking corporations and, in effect, all assets (controlled or owned) which, seized by the government, in one fell swoop, would render these people and their corporations penniless and powerless. With an alleged net worth of 25 billion dollars, Soros’ fortune would make a significant dent on the annual budget of the Veteran’s Administration.    Thus would ‘end’  much, if not all, of the domestic unrest going on in the united States.

The bottom line is talk is cheap yet I see zero evidence, that anything’s changing under The Donald.  The neocons still have their people in place.  Wall Street still has control of their strings.  There remains, as far as I can tell, a complete vacuum within government where ‘principle’ should reign.  And Americans continue to spend most of their time inspecting the insides of their eyelids inherently knowing they are as sharp as marbles.  Anyone thinking there’s a ‘revolution’ happening to bring back America is, I’m afraid, a little “dinky-dau” as they used to say in Vietnam.

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Russian “Aggression” – Really?

US foreign policy can be summed up by stating (and accepting) unequivocally that we are the ‘good guys’ and everyone else is the bad guys.  The United States (TPTB) has decided that the Russian Federation, led (today) by that evil and murderous Vlad Putin are the bad guys (again).  For the American oligarchs Vlad Putin is the synthesis of Boris Badenov (Борис Баденов) and the rarely seen ‘Mr. Big’ or “Evil Leader” who flashed across our TVs from 1959 to 1964 under the auspices of the Rocky and Bullwinkle show.  Simply put, Vlad’s the text book, cliché ‘Bad Guy’ who’s socks smell, who’s mother wears army boots and who (if you believe John McCain) probably steals the identifying signs off transgender bathrooms.


We know this guy Vlad is Boris Badenov because he’s resisting the ‘will’ of the democratic and peaceable people of America.  We (US State Department) arraigned a perfectly good coup d’etat in Ukraine (costing US taxpayers 5 billion dollars) over throwing the elected government after which (among a host of other actions demonstrating that the west was going to ‘harvest’ Ukraine’s wealth and resources) we were going to help manage their economy, wherein 42.3 tonnes of gold bullion in the Ukrainian Central Bank up and vanished “in a mysterious operation under the cover of night, Ukraine’s gold reserves were promptly loaded onboard an unmarked plane, which subsequently took the gold to the US.  We were going to help them farm and manage their lands  and now 2.2 million hectares [or 5,436,318 million acres] of land in Ukraine found itself under the control of foreign-based corporations, insuring they would buy Monsanto’s best GMO seeds even though nineteen European nations have banned these GMO foods which will preclude Ukraine from selling the product of Ukrainian agriculture to them. -They still have to buy our seeds though.-  Anyway, sponsoring bloody riots in the capital, overthrowing the elected government, banning the Russian language (used by half the country), oddly enough, it seemed half the folks of Ukraine weren’t thrilled yet Putin got blamed for the reaction.

So, seeing the government of Ukraine violently overthrown by a western (US) coup d’etat in February (2014) who’s lawful “autonomy” was established in 1991, the people of the ‘Autonomous Republic of Crimea’ (pop quiz – what’s “autonomous” mean in the context of ‘belonging’ to Ukraine?) decided in March (2014) that they would put to their People the question of their staying an “Autonomous Republic” within Ukraine or, if the People chose it, petition the Russian Federation to reincorporate Crimea back into Russia to whom and with whom they belonged from 1783 to 1954 when a Ukrainian dictator gave the Russian Crimea to Ukraine as a gift.  It only took the citizens of Crimean a month to see the hand writing on the wall with Kiev’s neo-nazi paramilitaries roaming the streets. 

The plebiscite resulted in 96.77% of the vote reflecting a desire to return to Russia.  The voting was monitored by 135 international observers from 23 countries, including Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, France, Germany, Hungary, Italy, Latvia and Poland.  Polish Member of Parliament Mateusz Piskorski, the leader of the European observers’ mission, told journalists: “Our observers have not registered any violations of voting rules.  He added that the voting was held in line with international norms and standards.

So, while ‘Boris Badenov’ Putin didn’t roll any tanks into Crimea or Ukraine, the basis for the current 21st century war-mongering, military/industrial complex’s attitude towards not playing nice with the Russians is the catch phrase: “Russian Aggression”.    This aggression stems from the alleged ‘illegal’ annexation of the Crimean peninsula that the People of the Republic of Crimea voted for, under international supervision, who found no irregularities and approved of.  So, apparently, according to the neo-cons, you don’t need any Russians to actually have “Russian Aggression”; you just need the Autonomous Republic of Crimea to hold an election.

Now Washington’s puppet dictatorship in Kiev has not only lost Crimea but the Oblasts (states) of Luhansk and Donetsk have declared their independence from the Ukrainian dictatorship and their people (militias) are holding their own against the might of the Ukrainian armed forces and para-militaries who fire mortars and missiles into their neighborhoods on a daily basis.  The rebellion is spreading and before it’s done Ukraine may loose the Kharkiv, Zaporizhia, Zakarpattia and Odessa Oblasts as well.  Yet, the DC chicken-hawks continue their fear mongering hoping that if they repeat the mantra: “Russian Aggression”, “Russian Aggression”, “Russian Aggression” often enough, sooner or later enough fools will believe them that they can have their Gulf of Tonkin moment and kick this world war off.


If “Russian Aggression” is the result of allowing Crimea to return to Russia then I’m forced to reflect on The Donald’s comments to Bill O’Reilly on Fox:  do you think our country’s so innocent?  Well, do you?

Having a passing acquaintance with ‘history’ and ‘political science’ I would point out that long before Putin hacked the 2016 elections, kicked my dog, stole lunch money from poor homeless (gay) black children hanging around the Manhattan Salvation Army center and annexed Crimea, the United States sent the heavy cruiser U.S.S. Boston into Honolulu Harbor to effect a military coup d’etat against the internationally recognized government of the Kingdom of Hawai’i, on 17 January 1893.  Queen Lili’uokalani was placed under house arrest and on 7 July 1898, Hawai’i was annexed by the United States government.  This is a FACT.  Indeed, 1898 was a good year for the US because as a result of a fire in her hold near its ammunition stocks, the battleship U.S.S. Maine exploded and sank in Havana harbor on 15 February 1898.  Between the government and the Hearst newspapers the event was ‘spun’ (can we say: false flag) as a deliberate act of Spain whom we had decided to screw with and the sinking of the Maine was the cause célèbre for the commencement of the Spanish American War.  We won and promptly ‘liberated’ Spain’s colonial holdings.  On 10 December 1898 the US annexed, among other places, Puerto Rico and Guam whom we still hold as ‘territories’ rightfully “belonging” to the United States.  This too is a FACT.

So, applying an absolute minimum of intellectual acuity, if I understand the United States’ position correctly, over 95 percent of voters in the Crimean referendum have answered ‘yes’ to rejoining Russia and their historical and ethnic homeland since 1783 no more than a month after seeing Ukraine/Kiev coup government begin to implement fascist policies towards their ethnic group and this is interpreted by the west (the good guys) as being some kind of “Russian Aggression”.  This perception, being in direct antithesis to the founding principles of the United Nations articulated in their ‘Universal Declaration of Human Rights’ which states that: “No one shall be arbitrarily deprived of his nationality nor denied the right to change his nationality.  It further flies in the face of the UN General Assembly resolution 1514 (XV) of 14 December 1960 which states: “All peoples have the right to self-determination; by virtue of that right they freely determine their political status and freely pursue their economic, social and cultural development.  The desires of the People of Crimea are (we can see) utterly meaningless to the US mindset which means the very foundation of the United Nations is likewise meaningless.  This claim of “Russian Aggression” should/must be accepted as true even though we mustn’t speak of the United States committing outright CONQUEST and annexation of the aforementioned Kingdom of Hawai’i as well as Puerto Rico and Guam with not the least bit of guilt.  These (US) actions or ‘possessions’ no one can call into question unless they’re willing to be called an unhinged crack smoking lunatic.  Maybe if the President and the House of Representatives forces independence on Puerto Rico, Guam and the Kingdom (State) of Hawai’i allowing them to go their own way in the world, Putin and the Russian Duma would force the People of Crimea into independence against their collective national ‘will’?  You can, I’m sure, envision the US, The Donald and the Pentagon gleefully letting these annexed territories go along with Pearl Harbor and all the other bases, right?  If not, do you think it’s ‘equitable’ to play with the idea of global war over Crimea given the FACTS stated above?

I would strongly advise a homework assignment for any of you interested in the aforementioned international relations.  In 1966 a comedy was filmed based on a fictional novel by Nathaniel Benchley called: ‘The Russians Are Coming, the Russians Are Coming’.  The tale depicted the chaos resulting from a Soviet submarine accidentally running aground off “Gloucester (Martha’s Vineyard) Island” Massachusetts, during the Cold War.



It’s hilarious even by today’s standards, demonstrating the preconceived illusions of our enemy of the day, the total misinterpretation of the other’s actions/intentions and the ease with which events can get away from us.  The point being, missteps, like those portrayed in the film as well as the blustering going on today are the way wars begin; usually with an “Oh Shit!” rather than an Evil Leader or Boris Badenov or even Vlad Putin.

I had rather thought that with The Donald being hired to run the show in DC that he would see fit to dial it back a bit with the Russians.  To my chagrin, we have Mattis calling out Russia as the biggest threat to the US and continuing to ‘augment’ NATO with troops, tanks and missiles right on the borders of Russia.  We have US warships continuing to ‘patrol’ the Black Sea as if it were Lake Superior rather than 5,300 miles away.  We have both Tillerson and Mattis rattling sabers against China regarding islands, that were lawfully returned to China after WW2 by the international (accepted) peace treaty.  We have Trump’s UN Ambassador still citing nonexistent Russian aggression in Ukraine and calling Crimea an “annexation” rather than self determination and demanding its return to Ukraine.

I’m beginning to worry that America’s hope that the election of Trump was going to kick the neo-cons in the teeth and refocus our attention on our country rather than everyone else’s business was, perhaps, a drinking the Kool-Aid moment.  I’m disappointed because as I listen to my nine year old daughter vacillate (this week) between going to an art college and being a Youtuber when she grows up, I ponder what the future might bring just as I did growing up in the sixties and seventies.

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Ukraine’s Missile Tests


According to Reuters and a bunch of others, Ukraine has announced its intent to launch (“test”) missiles into Russian Crimea’s airspace on December 1st and 2nd.  Indeed, the airspace over Simferopol, Crimea where Ukraine has announced they intend to launch the missiles is a civil aviation corridor for commercial carriers.  What could go wrong, eh? 

I mean, the US government wouldn’t have a problem with Cuba or Venezuela launching missiles through US airspace, perhaps across the Florida panhandle and Miami, or, how about Mexico launching missiles into Texas or California airspace contending that once upon a time those places ‘belonged’ to Mexico so they had rights to the airspace.  

The arrogance of the twits currently running Ukraine boggles the mind.  Presuming to hold military “exercises” above Crimea – in Russia’s sovereign airspace – threatening international civil aviation is one hell-of-a volatile decision.  It rather reminds me of the Polish dictatorship’s policies that kicked off the last world war.  Thinking they had powerful ‘friends’ and unbeatable ‘allies’ they went about ethnically cleansing the German minority stuck in Poland.  First in 1921 (Upper Silesia) then the anti-German pogrom of 1927 in Rybnik, ending with the final 1939 open extermination program announced by their  government news and radio who messaged: “daß im Kriegsfalle kein einheimischer Feind lebend entrinnen wird” (translated: “In the case of war, no ethnical enemy {Germans living in Poland} will escape alive.”).  Their powerful friends and allies left them hanging when German panzers finally rolled over their border to stop them and it didn’t end well for the arrogant fools running the country at that time.  ((An interesting historical sidebar here is the Poland’s ethnic Ukrainian minority suffered the same fate as ethnic Germans under the Polish pogrom.))

The best case scenario for the idiots ruling Ukraine, when they launch their missiles in December will be that Russia’s Air and Space Defense Command will have placed a few S-400 systems within Crimea which will knock the in-bounds out of the sky with the Russians remaining stoic over it.  A more unfortunate possibility is the Russian counterbattery radars locate the launch points and initiate retaliatory strikes against the Ukrainian missile batteries.

Then, of course, we can listen to neo-cons and their western press bleating about “Russian aggression” for months to come while the thugs in Ukraine cry like a bunch of sissy school girls over getting their asses whopped. 

These are dangerous games being played by nitwits.  Just saying…

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Heroin, ‘Victimhood’ and hand-wringing


The heroin problem in New Hampshire (indeed, the country) is not just rampant but (we’re told) almost pandemic in its scope.  Every night the news brings us more sound bites from State politicians and law enforcement asking for more funds to “battle” the problem.  In 2014 Vermont’s governor was quoted in Rolling Stone (how appropriate) that: “What started as an OxyContin and prescription-drug-addiction problem in Vermont has now grown into a full-blown heroin crisis.”… Since 2000, Shumlin noted, Vermont has seen an eightfold increase in those seeking treatment for opiate use, with an almost 40 percent spike in the past year for heroin alone…”  According to the National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA)  “During the period investigated, the researchers found an average increase in heroin-related drug-poisoning deaths of 6% per year from 2000 through to 2010. From 2010 through 2013, the average increase was a staggering 37% per year.”  If only we made more money available (to the state) these poor “victims” of heroin could be treated or saved.  And so goes the government’s narrative.

While the users of heroin (those folks choosing to stick a needle in their arms) achieve victimhood status, apparently over those who choose to use crack or cocaine or some other potential poison of choice to actively and intentionally destroy their lives, the closest you might come to a government plan to stop this flood of narcotics is our agencies “communicating” with other states and federal agencies to thwart distribution.  Seemingly, not included in the government’s narrative is killing the ‘source’ of the drug. 


For the record, heroin/opiates don’t grow in Massachusetts or New York.  Perhaps folks should broaden their awareness just a bit to understand why these drugs are getting here in the quantities they are, making them the most affordable ‘high’ that our Citizens can partake in.  Only then can anyone honestly do something about the heroin epidemic in our state and country.

The primary ‘source’ of heroin to the United States and the state of New Hampshire, is Afghanistan.  Ever think that perhaps it might behove us to look there to BEGIN to solve our epidemic/pandemic/crisis of drug distribution and usage?

Of course, the Communists had a huge problem with the opiate/heroin trade when they had the poor taste to attempt the occupation of Afghanistan back in the day.  A heroin “epidemic” hit Moscow as well as most significant Soviet cities just as it has here.  Then came the Taliban, those muslim nut jobs who were the bane of the Soviet army.  With our weapons they kicked the Commies out of Afghanistan (the Ruskies were happy to leave) and the Hadji consolidated their control over the country.  The Taliban took on the drug trade in Afghanistan and ENDED it.  Indeed, by July 2000 were able to claim that they had cut world opium production by two-thirds.  In a New York Times piece written by Barbara Crossette on 20 May 2001 titled Taliban’s Ban On Poppy A Success, U.S. Aides Say  it was related that “The first American narcotics experts to go to Afghanistan under Taliban rule have concluded that the movement’s ban on opium-poppy cultivation appears to have wiped out the world’s largest crop in less than a year, officials said today.  Essentially, they executed everyone they could lay their hands on who grew poppies, processed the opium or attempted to smuggle any drugs.  The drug trade took a nose dive.  During their tenure, running Afghanistan, the world had to find and get their heroin elsewhere and prices rose. 

Then, we came.  Back into the hills goes the Taliban and guess what?  Suddenly the opium trade explodes in Afghanistan once again.  So, SURPRISE! – we get a heroin epidemic!


The government and their media shills would have you believe that the very folks who, due to their religious fanaticism, destroyed the drug during their reign “suddenly” (now that we showed up) are the one’s growing it, taxing it and exporting it (to America).  That’s rather like drugs being a non-issue in the Amish community due to their strict religious beliefs then, the US government occupies Lancaster Pennsylvania and all the resident Amish start growing dope and shipping it to Concord in those little black horse drawn wagons on theirs.  If you believe that you should be willing to buy the Brooklyn Bridge!


The facts are that the growers, refiners and distributors no longer have to worry about the crazed, anti-drug Taliban muslims anymore because US troops are keeping them in the hills rather than in a position to interdict the manufacturer’s fields.  The opium growers LOVE the American occupation.  Business is booming.  In an August 2007 report by the United Nations found that Afghanistan’s opium production doubled in two years and that the country supplies 93% of the world’s heroin.   Heck, even transporting the drugs to market (America) gets way easier (for the Taliban) although I can’t imagine how.  Can you?



Of course, a prudent man might leave the burning house rather than complain, after the fire, of burns and smoke inhalation he suffered while standing in the livingroom as it burns.  So, where I’m just the product of a public school education, again I’ll ask – what can we do about the ‘supply’ ?  Since we seem unable to ‘beat’ the bad guys after a decade or more of touring the Afghan countryside with our Ray Bans on (one should ask if that was ever our mission), shouldn’t we, at least, resolve the ‘supply’ problem by destroying the Afghan opium fields while our military is there with zero restrictions on what they do?  Shouldn’t we, at the very least, be napalming these fields that are growing this crap and exporting it to the States?  Presupposing you weren’t going to contend that if we destroy the opium fields, the terrorists will win, there is little doubt that in a few short weeks we could lay waste to these opiate operations. Come on, you gonna tell me you didn’t crack a smile when Robert Duval spoke his famous line in Apocalypse Now:  I love the smell of napalm in the morning. It seems like . . . victory!”  Napalm’s as American as apple pie.


Those issuing the orders however, those who’s Oath is to protect America, regardless of the public hand wringing, are totally unconcerned with the poison (opiates) being cultivated there or the drug pandemic afflicting our country which their troops are seeing and walking though every day.  The fact is that if they ‘wanted’ it to end, it would end but it might be posited that “no situation, is so absolutely beyond hope, or desperate, that it can not be made worse by the interference of a politician” so no one’s going to dry up the world’s primary source/supply any time soon.  There’s money being made!

Contrary to what governments (federal/state) or their media shills tell you, you need to recognize that the “heroin epidemic” and the drug trade in general, here at home, is little more than a government sponsored ‘business model’ with money to be made though law enforcement subsidies, courts, prisons,  treatment, counseling and most importantly the pharmaceutical manufacturers of Narcan that ‘saves’ an addict who’s overdosing so he/she can go on to do their drugs again without consequence.

According to Politico, the list price of Kaleo Pharma’s auto-inject version – specifically approved for a people without medical training to use in a life-threatening crisis — soared from $575 to $3,750 per two-dose package in just two years, according to Truven Health Analytics. Amphastar’s product cost $66 for two syringes at the end of 2014, nearly double the price a year earlier. Two vials of Hospira’s generic, which cost $1.84 in 2005, shot up to $31.66 by 2014.  States are clamoring to deploy these antidotes to all ‘first responders’, health centers, schools, etc.  Hell, New Hampshire’s Governor (Hassan) has written a universal prescription for anyone in the state to access Narcan.  I’ll leave it to your imagination who foots the bill for these drugs to get into the hands of addicts who don’t want to risk an overdose (culpability/consequences) resulting from their actions.  Just an idea, crazy as it sounds, perhaps we should see if there’s a correlation between politicians who vote to supply these antidotes to their State’s drug addicts or allow the Executive branch to keep our military in the Stans and if their stock portfolios happen to hold stock in these pharmaceutical manufacturers/suppliers.  Just wondering…

Of course, being the cynic that I tend to be, I won’t discuss the ills of the world that might contribute to the addict’s developing suicidal tendencies like the bleeding hearts will.  Their irresponsibility, their weakness and their self-centered, narcissistic lifestyle results in their not giving a rat’s ass about anything or any one.  Apparently we need only concern ourselves with the need to ‘save’ these poor folks by supplying an unlimited supply of Narcan to mitigate their overdoses.  Of course, while they’re living their perilous lifestyle of “victimhood” we probably need to feed them, clothe them, house them and pay them a living so as to sooth our guilt.  Myself, I don’t have any such “guilt”.  Most of us enjoyed Cheech and Chong’s Up In Smoke and somehow got through the 70’s being Dazed and Confused, finding ourselves, like Ashton Kutcher, asking “Dude, Where’s My Car?” probably on more than one occasion.  Still we were able to transition to adulthood such that we hold a job, raise kids, keep a roof over our families heads and pay our bills without willfully sticking needles in our arms. 

Nah, I won’t get into the whole ‘eugenics’ discussion about these folks either. 

Suffice it to say they decided their lifestyle and a society, can’t follow or intervene with folks for their entire life because they’ve decided to jump off a bridge.  Eventually, they’ll find a bridge when they have no guardian so our concern, more realistically, needs to be towards those under the bridge when these folks jump.

We can napalm the poppy fields in the Stan or make heroin dealing a capital crime subject to execution, but please stop with the ‘victimhood’ crap lest I have to choke myself with a spoon.  

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The Democrats in 2016

A cynic’s reflection on the ‘Democratic party’ as it exists in 2016, is that it appears rudderless and without principle.  The Democrats today are the synthesis of an unrestrained Nietzchen ‘will-to-power’ campaign utilizing unbridled Machiavellianism.

Bernie, of course, was little more than a caricature of Leon Trotsky, of Bolshevik fame, with his promises of equality, social justice and a free lunch to all.

1 marxists

What may have become of his ‘leadership’ would have been quite different than was perceived by his followers, just as was the case when Trotsky and Lenin imposed their will on the tired and frustrated Russian population who bought into their Marxist BS in 1917.

It wasn’t to be of course because, in spite of overwhelming evidence of documentable voter fraud, in almost every state, aiding his alleged adversary and the subsequent murder of those looking into the fraud, Bernie just gave it up like the Prom Queen rather than take any stand.  His lack of principle was no better than that of the FBI who rolled over in not indicting Clinton for clear and documentable crimes against the United States demonstrating the endemic lack of integrity within the government as a whole.  Bernie simply handed his baton (or Prom dress) to to the Soros/Wall Street/neocon/media anointed candidate who’s nothing less than the reincarnation of Magda Goebbels – the unflappable “First Lady” of the Third Reich.  I mean, Trotsky, Magda, “what difference does it make?”

Like Magda, Hillary’s significant (‘male’) other is a philanderer who would consistently bang anything with a pulse.  Like Magda, Hillary is a power mad opportunist who’s sole concern is staying at the top of the heap.

2 First Lady

Like Magda, who willingly murdered her own six children to save them from a world “without their Fuhrer to lead and guide them”, Hillary will take down America and all within, rather than allow anyone to threaten her corrupt power-base and megalomania.  Indeed, she’s the neocons Übermensch “scorched earth” candidate.  While Magda and her husband took  a bullet rather than be held accountable at the end of it all…


I doubt Hillary would have the courage.

So, does anyone think this will end well for the United States if this criminal nutcase steals the White House in the next election?  Frankly I don’t think Americans could do worse were they to import some corrupt ex-Mexican el-presidente to loot the country but, ignorant is what ignorant does.

Since the voting machines clearly produce whatever results the companies owning them program them for and American election ‘integrity’ is no better than that of current day Ukraine, I wonder how our military’s senior leadership can believe they’re honoring their Oath to “support and defend the Constitution of the United States” when they watch as the government, daily, violates our Constitution, how they can watch the machinations of the government create fertile ground for race riots and civil unrest, watch a Supreme Court justice be popped without the least bit of fanfare, watch Magda’s minions effect voter fraud of the elections throughout the land with the goal of seizing power, yet sit back, in the Pentagon and NOT initiate proceedings to remove these criminals seems, to me, a sign that they either have no spine or no honor or both.  So much for bearing true faith and allegiance to the same” as the military’s Oath requires.   They’re apparently content, like the rest of us, to be untermensch in Hillary’s/Magda’s world.

As a sidebar, folks might note that Putin, speaking on the subject of American Presidential elections to his Aerospace Defense leadership in May of this year, advised them to get hustling on the deployment of new missile systems because If it’s Hillary Clinton, it’s war” but hey, our JCS don’t give that a thought.  It might be good for Wall Street.

I guess this nation has it coming. 

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“War” in Europe!!!

How reasonable is it, I wonder, to embark on deliberate course of action which could well result in war, which, from ALL reasonable analysis, your forces are out matched and thus, would be overrun, which would then, inevitably, lead to the ‘need’ to utilize nuclear munitions to halt the advance of the provoked power’s military on your crumbling forces, which would lead to devastating nuclear exchanges on European and American ‘targets’ resulting in a mass casualty event unknown since the era of the dinosaurs?  According to former NATO Deputy Commander Sir Alexander Shirreff that’s just what’s coming in May of 2017.  

As a defense contractor for some thirty or so years, I ponder this as I note the Pentagon and NATO relentlessly parading around Europe with their tanks, their Bradley Fighting Vehicles, Strykers, their troop maneuvers and lately, deploying the Aegis Ashore missile systems right up to the Russian border.  The western media and other idiots making statements about these ‘deployments’ are alleging that these are responses to “Russian aggression” but, try as I may, I can’t see a single instance of Russian  military forces operating in any kind of hostile fashion against any western country, anywhere on the planet.


Imagine for a moment some crazed lunatic pulling up in front of a local police station, exiting his car, drawing a very sharp sword and marching back and forth in front of the station, waving the sword around while yelling he was going to defend the neighborhood from the evil, aggressive police therein.  I’m guessing the cops might look out their windows and, for a while, laugh and wonder “what the hell is that lunatic doing”, but eventually they might just decide something needs to be done before the boob doing the saber rattling actually attacks some of their people.

So think about the balloon going up (for whatever reason) on the Russian border between NATO and the Russians.  (American and NATO tanks are currently deployed and playing war games 450 miles from Moscow while our propaganda outlets bleat about “Russian aggression”.  Imagine how we Americans might feel with a Battalion of Russian tanks deployed that close -Massachusetts/New Hampshire state line- to Washington DC.)  Does anyone ‘reasonably’ think it will be a prime time event like CNN covering the bombing of Baghdad that will have no effect on Berlin or Boston?  In spite of the fact I hate mathematics let’s ponder a few numbers after which you can decide how confident you feel for yourself or your children in the propaganda of NATO, the US and their media nitwits prepping the west on the idea that some cold/hot war with the Russians is an acceptable, possibly even ‘neat’ idea.

In any European war, as was seen in the last one, mobile tank warfare plays a major role.  The Germans called it Blitzkrieg or “lightning war” back then and my father was there, in Patton’s 5th Armored Division.  The plains of Europe were what tanks were designed for.  So, lets look at numbers of tanks.

These people, who are itching to bring on a new cold/hot war with Russia, some of whom are actually hinting that a nuclear exchange is “winnable”, love to try to convince us that NATO and the US are the greatest military power on the planet.  Question them about a European ground war and they’ll start by telling you the the US has some 5,900 M1 Abrams tanks which sounds awe inspiring.  The problem is that essentially all of them are stateside.  Indeed, the U.S. Army’s main battle tanks were withdrawn from Europe in April 2013.  Now that the cold war is coming back into vogue, the Pentagon claims that by February of 2017 it will have 250 covering the eastern border of NATO but, in the interim you can count on some 150 Abrams tanks being available.

The other players in NATO have their own complement of armored forces but then anyone who’s watched the synching of “coalitions” in combat will immediately recognize that national forces working under joint commands can be problematic at best.  That said, Austria owns 56 M1A1 Abrams tanks.  Britain has 227 Challenger 2 tanks, almost all of which are in the UK.  The Czechs have 30 T-72 tanks with 93 T-72s in reserve.  France has about 400 Leclerc tanks but they’re French and, if history is any judge, they’ll abandon them for the local bistro before going head to head in any set piece battle against Russians. Hungary has 30 T-72s in active service.  Poland claims 584 operational T-72 and another 230 PT-91s and 247 Leopards but how many are ready to go?  Romania claims 250 WW2 era T-55 as well as some locally manufactured tanks.  Germany has 225 Leopard tanks.  So that totals 2,372 tanks (sort-of) ‘available’ to NATO.  Reality however is quite different than any paper accounting.

A report just released in February of 2016 by six senior NATO experts says that member states aren’t meeting their obligations either in financial obligations, equipment acquisition or even (remotely) “readiness”.  Indeed, they pointed at Germany as an example showing they had 10 usable Tiger helicopters out of its fleet of 31, and just 280 of its 406 Marder armored infantry vehicles in full working order, so, how ‘ready’ is Germany and its Leopards to join in a fray against Russia?

Were a dust up to begin in eastern Europe, thanks to the Neo-cons, Britain’s 200+ tanks sitting in the UK wouldn’t count for much.  The French… are the French and the rest of NATO combined might field a total (with the US) of 950 ‘operational’ tanks spread around Europe.  Now that might be a good number of tanks were you to want to overrun, say, Iraq which actually required 1,500 tanks during Iraqi Freedom but, to dance on the Russian frontier?  Not so much.

So, what’s on the other side that might repel NATO and, if inclined, drive to the English Channel?  There are currently 1,200 of Russia’s most modern T-90 tanks in operational service as well as 30 T-14 Armatas.  Awesome machines without peers.


There are 1,200 active duty T-72s ready for deployment. 


There are 100 active duty T-64s ready for deployment. 


There are 100 active duty T-62s ready for deployment. 


There are 100 active duty T-55s ready for deployment. 


That’s 2,730 main battle tanks fueled, primed and ready to go when the balloon goes up.  Three times the number of tanks NATO can even hope to deploy on a good day.

That said, with the West’s non-stop  media conditioning of its public to the “Russian threat” (where none really exists) this whole cold war 2.0 hasn’t been lost on the Russians.  They clearly see that not since WW2 has such an array of forces been brought up the the Russian border, so don’t think they’re not preparing for what the West itself is saying is inevitable.  I can assure you that their armored reserves are being prepped for active service while the NATO parades around Europe.  As such NATO needs to also think about Russia’s 4,500 T-80s, their 9,000+ T-72s, their 4,000 T-64s, their 1,500 T-62s and their 1,100 T-55s equating to another twenty THOUSAND tanks (in reserve) that might not be collecting dust much longer if NATO commanders get their way.

Were that not bad enough one might consider that the Russians would not likely be standing alone.  At the very least you would see Belarus (White Russia) attacked (through Poland, Lithuania and possibly Latvia and Ukraine) and thus, likely taking coordinated action against any NATO target that presents itself.  For the record, Belarus has some 250+ T-72B main battle tanks in regular service along with another 1,215 in reserve needing a few days to bring them on-line.   They also have over 90 T-80’s of their own which would pose no small problem to any advancing (or retreating) forces.


They even have a few (30) WW2 era T-54s which are, frankly, nothing to sneeze at and could well ruin your day were you in a Bradley or similar armored fighting vehicle.  So, given some warning (which they’re getting right now with the West’s blustering) even Belarus could deploy over 1,500 main battle tanks against the lesser (entire) NATO force advancing on their country.

So the bottom line is Nato would face a four to one ratio against their tanks and, in short order a follow-on 20,000 more tanks coming out of Russia’s reserves that would finish what the top-of-the-line, active service tanks left behind.  By any sane person’s standards, those odds suck.

Optimists (idiots) might say that the US could reenforce Europe in a very short period of time but does anyone really think the Russians would sit still for that?  The reality is that unless they were going to land on highways there isn’t an airport in Europe that would be taking any flights to “reenforce” NATO.  Heathrow, Gatwick, Manchester, Charles de Gaulle, Paris-Orly, Berlin, Hamburg, Frankfurt, Stuttgart, Munich, Cologne, Oslo, Brussels, Vienna and Budapest as well as every other European airport, seaport, military installation or staging area would be immediately hit by cruise missile attack were NATO to attack Russia.  The surrounding urban/suburban areas would be laid waste as collateral damage resulting in hundreds of thousands of civilian casualties. 

Of course, this isn’t about “Russian aggression”, any more than the gulf war was about Saddam having nuclear weapons.  Russia hasn’t attacked a soul, indeed they supply a third of Europe’s energy supplies and have no reason or desire to rock-that-boat.  Rather, it’s about some band of nitwits in DC, London and New York thinking war is the only way to protect their international banking interests as the dollar and other fiat currencies become less stable.  This time, war in Europe won’t take years as it did in the nineteen forties.  This time, the dust-up won’t even last five days.  Hell, the Rand Corporation (a.k.a. CIA) in their 2015 evaluation gave NATO an “unambiguous” conclusion after a series of war games that Russia would overrun NATO in a mere 60 hours – if not less.   So, 60 hours before the nitwits would need nukes to stop a Russian counteroffensive.  


So, if I get this right, the West bankrupts their financial system, runs around the planet overturning other governments and stealing their natural resources and when a country or two says they won’t play the game, the West invents this make-believe “aggression” and starts threatening these countries with war even though if war breaks out, the other country will have them for lunch.  This is all okay, right?  

That’s about as ‘rational’ as Canada amassing their entire military’s 100 Leopard tanks on the United States border, rattling their sabers while claiming American “aggression” because they annexed Texas, knowing full well that when they cross the Rainbow Bridge into New York they’ll face five thousand US tanks on the other side .  In this goofy scenario someone would promise to “reenforce” Canada’s stupid idea by sending ships and planes with troops and tanks but where would they land when every seaport and every airport in Canada would be leveled though non-stop American missile attacks and airstrikes?  Clearly, those folks proposing these ideas are batshit crazy.

Now in case you’ve concluded I’m some limp wristed , hippy peacenik, I can assure you I’m not.  As mentioned, I’ve been a defense contractor for over thirty five years and I mention these numerical realities and inconvenient truths because I don’t particularly want to look at the horizon one morning from New Hampshire and see a mushroom cloud rising over Boston, turning it into green glass.  While it may be acceptable that global war might finally relieve us of the Kardashians, the absence of Oreo cookies due to supply chain disruptions would be unconscionable.  So, the real question is, why the hell do we tolerate such fools pontificating on such utter nonsense when they should be locked up in some asylum?

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