Our ‘Politically Correct’ Nation

Since Trump got in we’ve been barraged with such blatant lies and utter nonsense from the media that most ‘normal’ people throw up their hands and ask themselves and their friends “how can these bozos get away with this crap?”, while the other half of the only acceptable political party in America have been relentless in opposing The Donald, instructing their stalwart sympathizers to resist the new administration to the point of open and armed rebellion.  Never have we seen a larger, more organized gang of cry babies and hand wringing whiners than we are witnessing now in America.  George Carlin was right when he said: “Never underestimate the power of stupid people in large groups.

It’s gotten so ridiculous that not just the folks who supported Trump, but even those who didn’t, are now almost daily hoping that the shooting starts soon such that Darwin can rid us of all these Snowflake, liberal, Millennial, democrat, safe-zone requiring nitwits before they breed any further.

Yes, where we once had ‘principles’ there are none now.  Where once our schools and parents taught ‘values’ today there are none.  And, where we once had a proud Republic it’s now mere legend.  All that’s here now are ‘sides’; you need to take one or you’ll be labeled some misbegotten misanthrope whom eventually someone or other will devise a final solution for.

I, for one, am quite tired of the absurdity of it all.  Certainly tired of the ‘sides’, tired of the endless argument, tired of the same old claim of victimhood by one side or the other and tired of the make believe theater that most of the boobs around me seem to buy into.  None of it passes any scrutiny for any thinking human who actually looks into any of the positions.  For me, hanging on to my belief system, still futilely loyal to the old (dead) republic, I’ve decided that the most liberal thing I can do is to reciprocate, in kind.  I’ve decided that I hate everyone. 

I hate the retarded liberals, the right wingers and the Trumpites too.  I hate those goofy MAGA hats since, for the record, America hasn’t been ‘great’ since they shot Kennedy.  I hate the gays, I hate the straights and anyone else finding it more important to talk about sexual proclivities than to just have fun and keep it to themselves.  I hate transgenders and transracialists.  I hate the muslims because they’re freaking whacked, I hate the christians because they’re pussies and hate the jews because they clearly hate everyone who’s not a jew.  I hate white racists as readily as I hate the blacks who think ‘black lives matter’ über alles or insist I call them “African-Americans” even though they have no more in common with Africa than I do with eastern Prussia.  I hate dreadlocks because one can’t help but wonder ‘if’ the Rastafarian wannabe wearing them even bathes regularly.  I hate people who even mention pet and smoke free homes.  I hate feminists wearing pussy hats.  I hate any dingbat who wears their baseball caps backwards.  I hate the ‘press’ and the media who’s mission is supposed to be to inform the public but either spins events solely for the benefit of the financial benefactors or makes shit up out of whole cloth just to ruin the CIA’s enemies.  I hate the analysts and writers who pontificate endlessly trying to fathom what it all means when ‘it’ doesn’t really ‘mean’ shit beyond what’s obvious, in fact, “it” might not have even happened.  Hell, I even hate NASA who, in their endless quest to mislead those who’s taxes pay their salary, continue, in the 21st century, to pawn off black and white imagery without any kind of reference scale in a photo seemingly forgetting (or expecting we’ll forget) that mankind has had color photography since before Hitler was Chancellor of Germany.

So, right, left, middle of the road, I hate them all.  Every one of those ditzes who allege I must care what they think even though they don’t, or I must give them a voice, even though they have nothing of any value to say or allow them to breath my air when they are complicit in the total retardation of American intellectual progress and, to coin a globalist phrase, are: “useless eaters”.  I hate any who attempt to manipulate and I especially hate those too stupid to see they’re being manipulated which probably means I hate you too. 

The entire political ‘theater’ in this country is prevarication and its people, apparently, quite willing to carry on a meaningless debate on gender equality or about the color of the curtains inside a burning building rather than live within reality.  Nothing’s getting better and nothing ‘will’ get better.  The us/them paradigm coupled with the sky is falling is nothing more than the bleating of sheep, ruled by people who don’t give a shit about the sheep’s bleating.  It all rather reminds me of an Atlantean, eleven thousand years ago, watching the spectacle of lava and ash rain down, as their continent explodes and sinks below the waves, arguing with their neighbors over who’s job it was to build the dykes higher and insure the roads had a firmer foundation.

Perhaps you’ll surmise that I’m overreacting, that I’m a nut.  Then again, maybe you too are standing slack-jaw. troubled by his or her country’s decent into the abyss regardless of which ‘side’ is running things.  Let’s face it, if we weren’t significantly fucked up in this country then answer me why we put Braille on the drive-through bank machines?  Tolerance of utter nonsense should not be acceptable. When confronted with these mindless, valueless, principle-less, lying meat-sacks who bleat endlessly of their ‘needs’ or even those who claim their ‘side’ will restore our Rights and/or our Republic in spite of their side’s ‘actions’ being virtually identical to those of the neo-cons whom they replaced and/or ran against.  (I’m sure it’s all part of the secret plan to ‘fool’ the deep state which is little more than a variant of the quip “god moves in mysterious ways” we’ve all heard before.)  Please! 

Total derision is the LEAST they should expect from anyone with a brain since, sadly, we can only fantasize about clubbing them like baby seals while hysterically screaming “whack-a-mole!, whack-a-mole!”.

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