Observation on the Trump Administration

Is anything changing under Trump?  Once elected, the chanting “Lock her up” was answered with notion the the Clintons were good people and should be left alone.  Once elected the statements about uniting with Russia to “get ISIS” ceased; while our Special Forces are helicoptering into Mosul (March 2017) to extract ISIS commanders under threat by Iraqi military forces.  During the campaign he said again and again “it would be great if we could get along with Russia,” yet his senior cabinet people (Mattis, Tillerson and UN Ambassador Haley) have done nothing but state the complete opposite since taking their chairs.  Their statements and actions, in fact, have been unequivocal provocations to the Russians so, ask yourself, is Trump such an incompetent bungler that he allows his staff to openly and publicly oppose his will and stated positions which were, in many ways, the foundation of his victory in the election?  Is he really afraid of saying “You’re Fired!”  Apparently so.  One also may ask, how honorable or trustworthy are men like Mattis and Tillerson that in less than a month they’re outwardly preaching the subversion of their President’s publicly stated agenda?  He called NATO “obsolete” but promptly expanded American participation in NATO prevocational maneuvers right up to the Russian border.  He was quick to (rightly) say Clinton was “owned by Wall Street” and “bought and paid for by Wall Street” yet as soon as he was President he stacked his senior staff with Wall Street insiders.  If things are changing I’m sure as hell missing it.

I think apologists for The Donald might think up some silly excuses for the stagnating forward momentum of his crusade but I might respond that if the administration actually ‘wanted’ to make a gesture to the Russians in order to dial back the neo-con nonsense, how hard would it be to take a reasonable position on Ukraine that would cost us nothing and yet calm the Russian Bear?  A simple ‘public’ acknowledgement that the government of Ukraine has NOT complied with the Minsk agreements would be all it would take.  Indeed, virtually no attempt has been made to comply while violations of the agreement, by Kiev, occur daily.  As such the administration could say, there’ll be no funds approved and any/all US missions (advisory, training or otherwise) end today.  With regard to firing a shot across the bow of Trump’s critics (the deep state), how hard would it be to rein in or leash (if not destroy) John McCain who, along with his republican sidekick Lindsey Graham, continues to oppose The Donald at every turn?  Simple public disclosure of the circumstances of his POW ‘adventure’ would retire McCain whom we would never hear from again.  The message would be clear – we’re prepared to ruin you by letting your skeletons out of the closet if you choose to oppose the administration.  Instead Trump allows this cockroach to nip at his pant-leg like a yipping chiwawa demonstrating his lack of control over any narrative or his own party.  Were he intent on ‘showing’ Americans his resolve on the border would he embroil his agenda in Congressional legislation or simply ‘deploy’ the Army Corps of Engineers to the southern border to build the wall?  We’re paying their salaries every day already as the engineering branch of our Army and they have ALL the requisite construction equipment and Trump alone commands them.  He could call the action a ‘training exercise’ testing the rapid response of the Corps in ‘fort construction’.  From a domestic tranquility standpoint, how hard would it be to charge Soros under the Patriot Act for funding all those left wing NGOs who are organizing riots and demonstrations throughout our county.  Indeed, once the Patriot act was engaged, Section 806 of the act would afford the government the authority to seize “All assets, foreign or domestic–of any individual (Soros), entity, or organization engaged in planning or perpetrating any act of domestic or international terrorism (as defined in section 2331) against the United States, citizens or residents of the United States, or their property, and all assets, foreign or domestic, affording any person a source of influence over any such entity or organization;” In addition, provisions of the aforementioned civil asset forfeiture laws would come into play such that Soros and the leadership of any of his surrogate operations, NGO or charities would lose all bank accounts, real estate, stocks, inter-locking corporations and, in effect, all assets (controlled or owned) which, seized by the government, in one fell swoop, would render these people and their corporations penniless and powerless. With an alleged net worth of 25 billion dollars, Soros’ fortune would make a significant dent on the annual budget of the Veteran’s Administration.    Thus would ‘end’  much, if not all, of the domestic unrest going on in the united States.

The bottom line is talk is cheap yet I see zero evidence, that anything’s changing under The Donald.  The neocons still have their people in place.  Wall Street still has control of their strings.  There remains, as far as I can tell, a complete vacuum within government where ‘principle’ should reign.  And Americans continue to spend most of their time inspecting the insides of their eyelids inherently knowing they are as sharp as marbles.  Anyone thinking there’s a ‘revolution’ happening to bring back America is, I’m afraid, a little “dinky-dau” as they used to say in Vietnam.

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2 Responses to Observation on the Trump Administration

  1. mrscongeniality says:

    Too much time wasted already. I was willing to believe he had a master plan, but the priorities displayed are highly questionable.

    • mildlypissed says:

      Yeah. I think all of us sort-a say “there’s a plan, right?” but the most obvious answer is that it’s just what it appears to be. It’s hard to justify blatant neo-con BS while saying you’re for turning down the rhetoric and “getting along”. That said, we’re expected to “just wait and see”.

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